I’m so done I can’t take it anymore

February 28th, 2009 by Kieylee102

I think I’ve reached the end of my chain. There’s nothing I can do right and I think it’s time to stop trying. I’ve screwed up so bad I just can’t keep thinking that I will make it out this time. School sucks I can’t make friends and no one cares. The teachers make me feel like crap and they don’t even know how much it hurts. This world is crap so what’s the point anymore. If no one cares about then what’s the point to live anymore. Who would care if I where dead not like anyone were really my friends they just put up with me. I just can’t take living in this world anymore. There’s nothing left for me.

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  1. Hey, i know how you feel. I had to move to a new state at the point in life where cliques are establishedso i missed out on that and had to start from scratch with teachers who treatd me like shit. But you just gotta keep fighting, find something you like to do. For me it was Tae Kwon Do then it was Debate. You would be surprised how many new people will be willing to be your friend. Tell your parents and if they dont care you can call a suicide help line, there are plenty of them. Im going through the same thing you are right now but all you have to do is fight it. Life is dealing you a shitty hand and now you gotta kick gods ass and show him you can bluff. In understandable terms, you gotta show everyone your true colors and just be yourself to new people, show your teachers you can take whatever they dish out, and just walk away from people who beat you up (retaliating is possibly the stupidest thing you can do, idiots land in jail because of it.). You gotta look inside yourself and find out who you are and what you want, if you like grabbin crotches and beating up people, maby you should try wrestling. Just dont kill yourself, because if you do then you wont get to go to college and see idiots die from alcohol poisoning. And if you ever need someone to talk to im here most of the time, just not 5am-3pm EST. royalchiken@aol.com add me to aim.

  2. Not that it counts for much but I care.
    I tried to kill myself yesterday, because of similar situations as to yours, and obviously failed. I can’t say I’ve been in your exact situation but trust me I can relate.
    If you ever wanna talk about anything I’m here to listen, and I mean that when I say it.
    Even if it’s about what color the sky is, don’t hesitate to email me.

    email: harber_a@yahoo.com

    Hang in there, I sound hypocritical saying that myself but something’ll come along sooner or later. Don’t let em win.
    Hope everything gets better for you, I really do.

  3. So If felt the same my whole life.
    I honesty think the same way.
    But in reality people will miss you.
    yes I no you don’t care if they miss you.
    When your gone really do you think you’ll be in a better place?
    I know How you feel I’m the same way.
    I have thoughts about suicide all the time.
    I cut myself but I think thats as far as all ever go.

    Just so you no I’m hear and One way I deal with thease thought is music and poetry….you should try it.

    E-mail me I will listen kinrox1@yahoo.com

    don’t end you life Please.

    Try not to kill yourself for a week and then a month and so on Things will get better believe me Please stay strong.

  4. Hey I do it this everyday. We all need to breath . It feels like slow motion
    But everything happens so fast.It’s life I know Not your pain but I do feel it myself Just breathe and stay strong you won’t always have this to deal with.

  5. It’s not life that makes us feel this way – it’s expectations, and failing to meet them. Everyone expects things of us; our parents, our peers, our teachers, even our neighbours. So, what you’ve got to do is forget about all that. Why should we bother trying to live up to anyone’s ideals? Stuff ‘em… just do what is right for you, and if you stuff up, well so what. Everybody does. Everybody likes to judge, and everybody likes to talk. Maybe if they all stopped judging, and just shut the fuck up, the world would be a much better place. But, in the end, that is their problem – don’t make it yours. Remember… the scariest things and the hardest things to face are always the unknown. Once you know what you face, then you can work out how to deal with it. You say you’ve screwed up and can’t see a way out… well, what’s the worst that can happen? No matter how bad it is, there is a way to deal with it somehow. Don’t kill yourself. Take control. One thing I have learned – you can have hundreds of ‘friends’, but you will probably only find one or two in your life who are true friends. Wait for them. It can be hard to see, sometimes, but there is always something to hope for… so you need to find it. You owe it to your future self to live.

  6. Really, I think about these thoughts very often. Sometimes I feel like nature is unfair. I’m goin through it right now, but I have to fight this shit off everyday. I’m currently in high school, and I hate that place. It’s not high school anymore, Its prison. “What of life but joys and sorrows.”
    One day your very happy, and you feel like your in heaven, then the next day, your in hell and want to kill yourself.

  7. trying say: hay i know what you meen. the tech thing. i was dignosd with adhd. thay put me on ridilan but not ant deprsents at the age of 5. iv ben suasidel since. it seems like the teachers think i cant do shit now
    shadow say: i get u. teachers ar dumbasses anyway

  8. Hi,
    I’m 25 and I think that i can’t take it anymore. I always have stress, tension. My body tremble because of the high level of strss. I know that know one can help me. Most of the night I can’t sleep. I don’t enjoy my life at all. Just stress. Can anybody tell me what will happen after the death?

  9. Hi, i’m 22 and i’m from brazil.
    It’s weird because i feel as the same way.
    Sometimes you wake up and you feel good. Believing that good things are gonna happen and then you wake up again and start to feel bad again. I don’t know to explain it, but, it looks like everything is going under, everything and everyone are against you and you feel alone in this world like there’s no any God that can help you. Not even your parents, no one … and thats scares you because you starting to think about suicide.
    I’m still here trying to find out this life, and i hope it get better.
    But, mostly important. Don’t kill yourself. If you want to share something, this is my email -> adscarneiro@gmail.com
    take care!

  10. Life changes, as you get older you face different problems, learn to problem solve and critically think, try to consider a future even if you can’t see one. I remember being at school where I hurt that much I couldn’t even cry! however when I left school I became ill and then went through more rubbish, could make a decision, couldn’t use my brain until one day I just stopped I was there brink of suicide, I was lucky in a way, I got in contact with other people and for the first time through suicidal thinking actually realised what “we” as humans go through in living, then I realised it wasn’t just me, it was everyone out in this world. Day to day people seem not to care because they are just about propping themselves up and living with problems just like you as well and trying to be “brave” change your thinking a bit see it for what it is, you weren’t born into an easy life none of us were whichever age, gender, lifestyle but just realise that when all is said and done we were all born to live, so try to find small things here and there to give you reason, sometimes I stand back and look at the bigger picture, think of the disappointments and the heartaches I have been through I just see that now as life and that perhaps I set my sights too high once, oddly enough through time you find a way to make it all make personal sense, and it does, no guarantees in this life life is all risk, Sometimes people are mean to you when you need help the most! They call that Sods law but it is swings and roundabouts, try to make things the best you can, if you need time out sometimes find a place you can go to clear your mind and find some peace in it, learn the art of not beating yourself up or making a drama out of every thing that happens, learn how to remain objective, if it happened yesterday it is already done move forward and live for NOW, if today you are tired go to bed, tomorrow you may feel better, if you need time away from friends, just take it do what you have to but don’t kill yourself death is final and is a final solution but not always the best one. There is saying in life expect the worse and hope for the best, when I have no hope left that statement keeps me afloat there is no way to make life better but we can always find a life line, writing here is a start eh.

  11. JUST DON’T DO IT…PLEASE!No matter how fucked up life is, there’s always something worth living for.

  12. tomorrow is the answer my chlld….tomorrow brings new surprizes things you never thought possible….tomorrow is the promise that you can go on ..just let tomorrow come to you and I promise you will always look for another tomorrow. love to you from someone who hopes you will always know another tomorrow.

  13. Just remember, there are alot of idiots out there that make it their mission to make people miserable. They are not happy unless they make you unhappy. They are evil and you have to be stronger than they are. You will find a close friend or two. It took me almost 30 years to find a true friend and I only have but one. In the meantime, you have to make yourself happy as others won’t give that to you. You will find your purpose as we all have one. You need to live to find out what that purpose is…we are all searching for answers. Hang in there as it will improve. We all have days that make us exhausted and feel as if we can’t go on. Tie a knot and hold on tight and don’t let go of your life….you need to be there for someone who may someday need you. Peace my friend.

  14. Yea man i know how you feel. I get teased by my named. Junaid Malik. Not a name to be proud of. Teachers make fun of it, kids make fun of it. People call me a terrorist. Its ok though. After a while i learned to ignore what everyone says and just be myself. It really doesn’t matter after a whole. If you have a good personality, You will be the “cool kid” in class. Join a sport. Have fun. Good luck and DO NOT think about sucide. That is NOT the answer

  15. nice words

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