I want to die without pain

July 12th, 2009 by Sai Chan

Stress! Sleeping pills, tranquillizers, Librium, and Valium won’t help.
Easily agitated. And the heart palpitated at times. Hands and feet would tremble at anger. What on earth brought my mate to treat me like this? Mazed. Amnesia. What was I doing? This is not the life I’d like to have.
My tongue even had ulcer, must have been bitten during meals when my mate nagging this and that.
And my period just ended. The lack of blood might be the reason I felt dizzy.
When hungry, the meals were hamburgers. Never will eat the tasteless vegetables, such puking vegetarian food.
The above apparently demonstrates the symptoms of lacking folic acids which are abundant in vegetables.

Out there are many depression cases. They can be easily detected by testing blood samples, which differentiate the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
One ought to be discriminating in the term of death. An insane death is unforgiven.

If you are a chronic bed-ridden, or sentenced to live by the european practician, you can consider spending 3 months vacation in China trying out the traditional Chinese medicine of a history of 3000 years old which matters in balancing the body.
I’m just a small potato, an ordinary amateur, if compared to the able doctors and extraordinary healers in different parts of China. All I did best was just instructing a daughter know how to massage her paralysed mother in coma to walk back home after a month and a half.

Years ago, a friend told me she once visited a doctor determining her infertility cause was the baby-size of womb, just by checking the pulse on her wrist. She disbelieved in chinese medicine, but had to find out the truth after the x-ray examined.

When the health issues are ruling out, all problems remained related to only two words ‘letting go’.

Admit that you are defeated. Don’t try to overcome it. Expectation kills. What was or who belonged to you, is now no more. Let go all that don’t belong to you, money, love, possession, or people. You are now here to accept the consequence. It was just a course in the path of yours. Construct now, for yourself, or your left behind persons, or your deceased, a brand new prospect. A monument, a fund, or a new path of yours. You are left behind because you are to do more work. New way of thinking. It signals that you have to change. A change to a brighter lane or culdesac is up to you. The road is yours to travel. But the change is from loving others to loving thyself. Without the love of yourself, you are in no position to say love or be loved.

Stretch your tendons, loosen all your tense joints. The time that you have a look that presentable enough in front of a mirror you yourself will say ‘Hi’ to, you are reformed.

At last, there are several methods of ending life.
1/ Taking in Panadol (not Aspirin) over 20 pills. The poison is enough to damage your liver and kidney functions. But I can’t guarantee no pain or into a vegetable state.
2/ Carbon poisoning. Put an exhaust hose into the car,  inhale the CO and CO2. But news reported that some unbearably withdrew and asking for help, some were found dead with foamy mouths and pigmented black faces, some ended in vegetable state, some died but after a month in hospital.
3/ Sleeping in bed while burning a pile of charcoal. Many were dead with bubbling mouth. One case was that the 7-years old son was strangled to death besides the foamy rescued father. The father later explained that the son awoke from the ordeal and tried to struggled out… This made me wonder, if no pain, why struggle, why foamy mouth. Another case was that, a bankrupt billionaire was rescued from his boat. After a coma of few months, he came to, and began active again. Shortly after, a tumor the size of an apple grown on one side of his cheek bone for a year, and was then removed. It was believed to be the side effect of the poison he inhaled. After that, he lived like a zombie of vanities of prostitutes and drugs in a hotel room, owned and supported by his friend, for years, but without the news of a further attempt. Was the experience that bad to further another attempt?
4/ Execution by injection. Death usually occurs within seven minutes, although the whole procedure can take up to 2 hours.
   The drugs are a cocktail of Potassium Chloride, Sodium Thiopental and Pancuronium Bromide.
   Potassium Chloride–highly-concentrated solution, drug to stop the heart, can cause severe pain.
   Sodium Thiopental–(US-Sodium Pentothal) an anaesthetic agent, to render the offender unconscious in a few seconds.
   Pancuronium Bromide–(US-Pavulon) a muscle relaxant. Some states use tubocurarine chloride and succinylcholine chloride.

The drugs mentioned each portion has to be calculated according to different body weight. Different drugs are utilized because each authority has his viewpoint  to be the best. There were cases of prolonged death. And the question of muscle relaxant applied is–do they still feel pain even though they can’t move? Just as the victims surviving from the surgery table, came to, could tell what really happened while they were awoke during operation. But you would never know about the ones gone through execution.

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  1. i wanna die without pain too but none of ur freakin suggestions are good. u forgot to mention the “killing pill” which you may have not mentioned because it is almost unobtainable but it brings swift death within a minute. shooting yourself in the right spot is another one. falling head first from a very high place is another, the force of u hitting the ground with knock you out therefore you will not feel a thing… btw y do u hang wit ur “mate” if he/she is such a nusence?? he/she is just being a huge burden.

  2. Make you blood very thin and cut your hand veins….you will get peacefull death…

  3. I Want to die.. I wat to forget about every single horrible moment of my life. I’m lost and insecure I don’t have place to go, no one by my side. i lost the point, I lost my way, I lost my light. where is everyone when I need someone? Where are my dreams and my smile? I used to be happy, I used to fight. Fight for what I wanted but now I’m here crying, heartless, and confused….This pain seems to be infinity.. I can’t take it anymore. .. Please can someone help me?

  4. if there is no pain there will be no gain,i wanna just ask u one thing had u ever seen into the eyes of lion roaring with hungry stomach,solid voice with a ferocius eyes please if not go and check it once, once go and look that,only into the eyes of male lion.
    go immediately look that feel that,so u will never like to take any freakin suggestions.see it in a zoo park when it is hungry and waiting for food in its cage.

  5. heyo if you wanna die, but i cannot garantee no pain, freeze yourself to death and youll fall asleep, dead i belive i seen this on other commentarys before so if you wanna know some more, check out youtube

  6. i feel the same way

  7. i am also want to die..can u tell me plz

  8. plz answer to my mail janani23101993@gmail.com…..

  9. I am Tirtha Brata. I am 25. But I do not want to live more this painfull life. I want to die. There is lots of cause of my frastretion. I want to share please read and let me know the way to die painlesslyWhen I was 2.5 year old I lost my other. My Maternal Aunts bring me to Maternal Grand pa home. I started to grow up there. Theough my father was a very very good and friendly person still I dnt have a way to live with him. As my Aunts made some strict rules. I started to grow. and sent to school. But My Aunts always want I should be the best boy. When I cnt they start tourture. Physical and Mental. I draw and sang well thats why they sent me to Drawing Teacher and Singing Teacher. I have to attend lots of Compitisns. and all the time they want I have to be the first boy. Day by Day their tourture go high. and their expectation also. But my menal condition breaking down day by day. At first Board exam I do very bad. Means class 10 exam. As I was totally broken from mind. My fater realize my condition and Bring back to him. But it was already too late. I become a Pshico. I have to go to lots of Dr. councilers. but I can’t be ok from mind. at next board exam I failed. I have to leave study as I can’t tolarate my that kind of condition. I lost all hope all expectation from my life. At the age of 20 I lost my best friend my father. Only he can understand me. Only he give inspiration to live this life. My Uncle take the opertunity and capture the Father’s business. Factories all. As I dn’t have any Idea on business.

  10. I fall in love with a girl Ria Banerjee. I started love her more than my life. She advice me to go back to Maternal Grand Pa home. and start life newly. I follow her words. and come to Aunts again. Aunts help me to start some Ornamental Fish business. Ria gift me a labrador retriver. I get the enthu of living life. But within few days Ria leave me alone. That labrador Eva died during wrong treatment. When Eva was 1 year old I brought a Rottweiler. Zizu. They two become my heart of life. Though Ria leave me I dnt feel tooo much lonely just beacause of them. but last month I lost Zizu also again Wrong treatment by dr. I just fucked up. I dn’t want to live this life. Here I have nobody to talk. Nobody to share. I just feel fucking lonely all the time. I have tried to die more than 10 times but not die. Eat CuSO4 two times. feel tooo much pain in belly. but after my father’s treatment I got ok. in 2004. I cut my vains for 5-6 times. Not die. Have taken 3 times sleeping pills ALPRAX 0.5. 30 Pieces at a time but not die. Even after the Death of my Son Zizu I do that. but after 48 hours I wake up from the sleep. Please help me to end this life

  11. I want to die. Still I am not successfull in Life. and my hope and expectation is getting down day by day

  12. im sorry for u.. i dont kniw whether ur alive today r not.. but i have a way to die, take 20-30 tablets of anti diabetic tablets u will surely leave this world but it will pain extremly, u will feel agitated with ur heart beat goes up very badly.

  13. You don’t want to die without pain
    You want to live without pain so you want to die.

    But dying might hurt so you don’t even want to do that without a certainty you won’t feel it.
    What irony so afraid to feel in life that you want to die but so afraid to feel in life you can’t face the pain of dying?
    End result you feel the pain of everything and do nothing.

  14. is really life so creepy?..even later on?..i dont see any reason why i should live…if its as tormenting even in future..getting rid of myself is a happy conclusion..

  15. @someone here. email me. mouthharp1954@gmail.com.

  16. Chili dogs with sacred juice of prune to wash down for one full moon. As those who went before me a butt plug flatus adapter for bicycle pump inlet. Unwritten ancient Inca method passed down in elaborate pantomime story. Me flatus vessel has reached 76 psi just before dawn’s cock a doodle dump this glorious day. Meantime my hand busy crafting special sunglass and matching blessed fart hood. God is good but life bitch then die.

  17. i agree

  18. I want to die but want it to be ruled as accidental. I have children (young men) and one of them in particular would be devastated. Everyone else in my life would get over the shock quickly and move on perfectly fine and without any consequences. Truthfully it will be a usual day for most after the fact. My husband would quickly make a new life with a better match than I ever was…I have never been his type. We got pregnant young and married young too. I have always supported his carrier so I could raise my kids. He is a good man that I have trapped in a life he never wanted. My kids do not need me…nor does he anymore. I am tired of putting on an act….I am not valued as a person but just by being there keeping the house together. I achieve my goal in raising my kids in the opposite way I was raised. I have nothing left to offer… I am an insignificant speck in this world that is replaceable! I want my death to look like an accident for my child who is very sensitive…who would struggle if he knew I purposely took my life….but I can no longer keep on living…I have nothing left in me. I’m to the point where I almost took my life not caring of the method. I have no idea what stopped me as I came back home…probably was too exhausted. The only help I need is how to do it.

  19. chi san, stop trolling! no pain can be greater than the pain of planning your own demise , seeing your dreams die wordlessly day after day.

  20. i’ve always wanted to try just using ketamine or something that’ll completely numb your body and just jump. No pain or any feels or experience at all just gone like that

  21. @hopefullbuthopeless

    Ketamine is more paralysis than numbness.

  22. I wake up at 5am to go to work and get off at 6. As soon as i get home I lay in the bed till I fall asleep, mostly so I won’t have to talk or deal with people. I hate myself and dont want anything to do with life AT ALL! In todays society we are not allowed to say what we think or try to reach out for help in fear of being thrown in a padded room. Life is bullshit and the people in it are fake ass rattin fucks. I would rather be broke and know that I stood up for myself, than to make all kinds of money and be fake as hell!!! If anyone wants my method of checkin out??? Well to bad, the most pain free way of checking yourself out is to eat about 10 purple xanax. You just fall asleep and never wake back up. No pain NOTHING!!!! Thats how I’m gonna do it, when that time comes!

  23. Methods? Check out the web for “final exit”. The nitrogen way is the smoothest way.

  24. I can’t help you. I will listen to you. but at the end of our talk I either will say you need to grow a pair and get on with life or I will tell you to start mixing chemicals you have in your house until you get the rotten egg smell you are looking for, and give it a go. I have no proof either way of a heaven or hell so what you face after the lights go out is up to you. The fact that we are talking probly means you just need to be loved and cared for and know that things will be good one day soon. feeling good in life or at the point of death is a state of mind. Now put your head ware it needs to be and make a consuse choise weather to live or die. When you have made the consius choise to die you will let go of your pain and the head long rush and you will feel at peace. If you do not feel at peace as you are taking your life then you are not ready to die. Love and peace to you.

  25. i seriously dnt wanna live…its like hell being alive..it kills me…i juss failed my 11th in da supple also…i dnt wanna live any more..am a loser :/

  26. I need to die as i cant control myself from some behaviour, i would want to know any such medicine or pill that would help me.. I cant handle injections or any physical pain.. Please Help me..

  27. I want to die too. I just don’t want it to hurt or my kids to know it was on purpose. I understand you. do u know how to do it without pain?

  28. I want to die too. Just don’t die because of a stupid test. The smartest people in history failed all test. Don’t live by society standards live by God’s! Tell them to fuck off then decide.

  29. You still about…….. Let me know :)

  30. Anyone not got a friend…….or feel they won’t understand them….give me a shout…..I’m from Scotland and it feels just as shit here too…..there’s assholes everywhere! T

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