I want to just hang myself

March 9th, 2010 by gears26

i have been having alot of suicidal thoughts, i do cut mywrists, just i have had a very rough life, i lost my mom and was abused by my dad but not anymore, i feel like hanging myslef and cutting my wrsits to watch all the blood fall out from my body and watch myslef die, i mean i know i have friends and all but half the time they cant be there for me, i have been having alot of suicidal thoughts lately, i want them to stop but i dont know how i can get them to stop, its gotten to the point where im in my garage looking for something to hang myself wiht, i just dont know what to do

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  1. Get help. Pray. Talk to someone you trust. Call the cops on your dad. Better yet, call someone to kick his ass (no murder). Don’t kill yourself and be strong. Talk to God, that’s what I always do. Stop hurting yourself and try to live your life. Millions of people out there have made it past the same situation, I know you can too. But you have to try. Don’t just give up because life is tough. Blood is a beautiful thing, keep it in your body. Take my advice that I offer to you. Take advice from the Savior.

  2. look, i may seem like a dumbass, but they’re right^^ listen to them. talk to God. he is the only one that can truly help you. besides yourself. i’m int he same postion. but going to church and everything starts to get better. but i know, you may not be close to God, well, now is a good time to get started. He CAN help you.
    i promise.

  3. I know life can suck at times! get help

  4. My aunt’s neighbour hanged himself. My aunt found him. She described the look on his dead face to me: “He looked like he was thinking: ‘Shit! This was a bad idea.’” Dunno why, but that story impressed me somewhat. I’m often suicidal myself.

    But like the others say, get help, either from someone close to you, from the authorities, or tell us some more about your feelings and your story. I’m sorry to hear about the stuff you’ve been through, you must be strong to have made it this far. I’m sure you could do a lot of good in this world. Wouldn’t it be sad to leave it to all the other schmucks? (Sorry, that was not nice.)

    All the best :)

  5. I can tell that you have been trough so much, so much pain. Please listen to what you are being told by all this people. I don’t know if you believe in God but I want to tell you somethings. God is great he changed my life! I used to be lost but thanks to him now I’m better. You have been through enough please get closer to God give him a chance you have nothing to lose!! God will give you friends love and care please believe this. I’ll pray for you please take of yourself….. God is love!

  6. The Savior. Fuck off. just fuck off we are sick of jesus phreaks like you who dont care about the persons and come to places like these to exploits their situations to come with your superstitions and prognostics

  7. abused by your father? first thing report him to the police. Send him to jail for 40 years and have someone there take care of him for what he has done to you.
    Then, it is the valuable you, the valuable person you are that I can see. This is the person you can love, yourself, as you are a good one. Sad, depressed because of what others have done to you, but in no way ever you have to punish yourself!. On the contrary, it is the people who have caused you this pain the ones to pay. As you see, you are inverting the terms, you let the evil individuals get away with it, and you punish the only good person in this scenario. No, it has to be the other way around. I hug you.

  8. One interesting thing to note in the psychology of women is that when they are abused, mistreated by someone, instead of addressing their ressources to destroy the persons responsible for that, they punish themselves, feel depressed and even make themselves feel guilty. My heart is with all those women because I see (most of them) as beautiful sensitive creatures. We, men (usually, at least me) dont react that. If someone abuses me, he is going to pay blody hell for it. I wont go depressed, on the contrary, I will make him regret.

  9. don’t do that, please, don’t hurt yourself. someone hurt you, and now you want to hurt yourself too? please don’t… i’m sorry you’re led into this. it’s really not worth it. how do i know? i know that if you subtract what you have from what you don’t have, you end up with even less than before, so it’s kind of just logical like that.

    please talk to me… i really want to try to help you. i’ll give you my time and my full effort. my contact info is at skull09.net

    please take care of yourself…i hope i can talk to you soon

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