How do die

May 14th, 2010 by EmoChick

I tried to kill my self the other day by over dosing and didnt succed sadly :( I need another plan the most i did was throw up and know I really want to end it get off this place i call hell. Im done with living but i dont really want it to look like a sucide i want it to look like i died of natural causes

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  1. if I had the chance to OD i wouldn’t do it… it seems almost impossible to OD unless your a celebrity, I’ve read on here that someone took sleeping tablets and woke up in hospital when their stomach was being pumped.

    I’m very glad you didn’t end up in hospital.

    I don’t know how to make suicide look like an accident or natural causes. If you succeeded in doing it like that though I’m pretty sure forensic people (if you make it look like an accident) or people doing an autopsy (if you made it look like natural causes), would figure it out that it was suicide.

    Are you sure this is what you want? If you had a gun and you hesitated to pull the trigger even for a second then you’d be making a mistake… please don’t kill yourself if your unsure. I don’t know you or your story, I just wanted to remind you that suicide is something you can’t undo and what if there’s nothing after life.

  2. trust me OD never works, I have experience

  3. Do you have any other ideas the quicker i can get off this earth and not have people relise i commited sucide and died naturally the happier i would be

  4. I remember on the news once a lady drank water, not sure how much, but she kept drinking in fear of dehydration and she ended up having a near fatal seizure… here family was there to save her.

    like I said before though, the authorities would see straight through it. I also remember once I was dared to drink a hole jug of water as quick as I could… damn that hurt, it felt like my intestines where been stretched.

    If your planning on a “natural cause” suicide then I doubt you’ll find any instant/painless ways of going about it.

    how come you want it to look like that though?

  5. I want it to look like that cause i dont want to hurt my familay

  6. wouldn’t you rather them know the truth, not in a way to hurt them of course but just being honest with them. How much more heartbreak would they feel if they found out a week after your death it was suicide? (I know it’s only your choice, I just can’t help thinking of everything)

  7. ‘I want it to look like that cause i dont want to hurt my familay’

    Just as a note- you say that life is ‘Hell’, but care enough to want to look like you died naturally to protect your family? If you care about your family to that extent, isn’t that reason enough to live? At least just until you find something more to live for.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying there are options.

    Also, I’ve been looking into OD-ing for my own death, and thus far cannot find any particularly useful information on it, to do with how much you need to take etc. So now I’m considering slitting my wrists… you know, that whole thing about a moment of pain for an eternity of nothingness. But all in all, there is literally no method of committing suicide I can think of that makes it look like you died of ‘natural causes’.

    The closest I can think of is starvation, but that takes a long time and would be very noticeable, or something like an insulin overdose, but I assume the ensuing autopsy would reveal that. I only mention insulin (as being a Diabetic), there is no throwing up or visible evidence of it. But the process by which you would die would be horrendous (I haven’t tried dying this way, evidently, but I know what a hypoglycemic attack feels like and it’s not nice). Also, that is reasonably slow and you’d fall into a coma long before you died. Your family would still have to watch you die.

    And then I guess my final thought is simply… why not just overdose on something? Afterall, you’ll be dead so you won’t know their pain. And of course, that is bitterly selfish… but if you desire death that much, nothing should stop you. If there’s even one doubt in your mind, then suicide might not be right for you right now.

  8. I want to die i dont care anymore if its natural and stuff cause i wanted it to look like that because it made it look like i was so selfish and hurt people like that and because i dont want every to find out and then feel sorry that i killed myself and that i felt that way.

  9. I saw a movie a few years ago where a homocidal manic that kills
    women after he sexual assults them, injects them with a needle
    with some powerful deadly medication, where they die within minutes
    without feeling any pain, I wish i remember what movie it was as that
    would be a good way to die, I wouldn’t hesitate too take it all, since
    I believe nothing’s going to get better for me, this depression/suicidal
    thoughts everyday is just too much for me to bear.

    Gina J

  10. I think that movie is “V for Vendetta” but I don’t think there was any sexual assaults done by the protagonist in the movie.

  11. well when you find out where to get that stuff let me know thanks

  12. I seen that movie but it wasn’t the one, i remember it having a detective
    trying to track the killer before he struck again

  13. well i just want to know what it is not the movie lol the sooner i can get off this planet the better

  14. Wish i really knew for sure, It kinda of sounded like a “hydrochlorical acid” or something I have a bad memory when it comes to remembering
    medical terms i’ve never heard in my life before, i should have written it down back then, but i watched the movie real late & was kind of out of it then, thinking if i could die like that too, somebody high in the medical field should know what it is.

  15. I wonder if that shot they give animals they put down to sleep, would work on humans too? anybody here a vet or know if this would work on
    a suicidal patient?

  16. lets hope so maybe we can do some reserch on it but how would we get the supplies?

  17. I don’t really know, I will start doing some research on the internet first,
    then hit the library medical books if i have too, maybe we can find a supplier online that can sell this too us, i’m not sure if we will need proof like a medical license or I.D. , this might be a problem getting then, will
    cross that line when the time comes.

  18. okay tell me if you find anything and if we need a liences umm then we can maybe make a fake ID or steal one if we have to it wont matter in the end anyways we be dead before they knew

  19. Emochick… If u dent off urself. Do u wanna talk cus I’ve felt like it’s time for me to check out the past few days and I’m just reaching for someone to talk o

  20. okay do u have a email, facebook, of a myspace?

  21. hey i don’t want to break in on teh conversation…but can you let em know if this plan works ore not…it sounds like a plan to try myself…a nice and painless moment before you die…sounds like the way to go…

  22. I haven’t had no luck yet on this painless way to die, i remember i
    knew someone in the medical field so i talked to her this weekend, i thought she could be of value again & help us find out what it is & maybe sneak some out from the hospital she works at but she’s always been telling me as always not to commit suicide that’s not the answer & she would miss me then, obviously she won’t have a play in my deadly plans
    of suicide, still will keep looking otherwise.

  23. One word. -> Cyanide <- (but you did not hear this from me) It is a hidden secret that the almond smelling like liquid is known to kill a person just by sniffing and inhaling it once. a while ago I made a song up about dipping my enemies cigarettes in cyanide and i ended up not putting the song into the cd because i didn't want a whole sue suit fiasco thing going on.
    I learned in chemistry class that it is one of the deadliest liquids. :( I would think about it before you want to do it though. Also taking something that you are allergic to to make it look like you took something not knowing you were allergic to it. I am not telling you to do this. But it is a few ideas i thought of because i have a sick creative mind.

    tell me what you think

  24. I understand I’m way late to the party, but I do know a way. The herb known as aconitum, or more commonly as monkshood, contains a deadly toxin called Pseudaconitine. This is an exceptionally special alkaloid because it is relatively unnoticeable in action, odorless, and is easily absorbed through the skin. It’s after effects make the victim appear to have suffocated. Were one to cover a bed sheet in the sap of a monkshood plant, the next person to fall asleep in that bed wouldn’t wake up, and unless the coroner knew to check the bedspread for the poison, that person would be declared dead of natural causes. The most innocent suicide, or in fact the perfect murder.
    Monkshood is easily purchased and growable as an ornamental flower, and can be found growing in the wild in some parts of north America and Asia…
    It should be noted that suicide is a drastic measure that should only be undertaken as a very last resort. As long as you have family that would mourn you, you should not attempt it. There is always help. I’ll say that again: there is ALWAYS help. And people willing to give it.

  25. i wanna die plz give d suggestions to die which should not as a suicide

  26. its so strange but i find comfort in anna’s msg…i wanna cuddle with her and relax…just falling off a cliff to die would be the simplest …which would make sense how i die considering i always have nightmares about falling, it seriously could be an omen as creepy as that sounds…there is a god unfortunately and i believe suicides go to hell so dont do it ppl…there is an eternity of suffering ahead and its far worse than any pain ur experiencing on earth, if ur suffering here u wont hafta pay as much in purgatory before u go to heaven..we are all built for love..

  27. finalman… thank u

  28. I plan on using a speedball Heroine and cocaine mixed. Easy to do. Simple OD. Happened hundreds of times already. They think I will have just done too much accidentally.

  29. Can’t go on being a bipolar addict/alcoholic. Hate my job hate my life. No joy whatsoever

  30. my son is gone befor me iv tryd to kill myself sevrel times i want to be with him i cant go on living this way anymore

  31. I want to commit suicide but not want that my family should suffer because of me.So I want that it should look like natural death.Is there any way to do so without going to purchase such things which are rare.

  32. I want to end my life. Does anyone have an idea on how to make a suicide look like a natural death? I never wanted to do this is my life, because i always believed n still believe that God is the only one who can take us back to Him. But today, I am left with no choice.So, please suggest something.If anyone of you above has found a way kindly share.

  33. Can potassium cyanide be ordered online??? I cannot live this life anymore. Its just because of my parents that I am holding back myself. Got no reasons to live. Life gave me nothing except a girl who cheated on me again and again, got selected for one of the best business school which really does not excite me anymore and gives me the feelings f living in a jail only, cannot even bear the people around, money minded, selfish, rigid,mechanical…i have just started hating the life!!!!!!!help me!!!

  34. me too i what to die but me mom is holding me back i need a way to make it look like i died of natural causes

  35. I been wanting to kill myself for sometime noe
    But thinkning of a painless way.
    I thought about suffocation. Just tie a bag over
    my head and fall asleep. Of course it’s obvious
    that it was suicide. What else is there?

  36. life sucks lets die happy !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hiya, I also tried od but it didnt work. i tried cutting and no luck. i tried not breathing but its really hard… really have no more ideas… but i desperetly want to die. this is my firts post here…
    If anyone knows any ideas… not painfully.. can they help me?
    Thank youuu so much

  38. I have tried all the ways to be happy but now i m tried and want to get out of here i m feeling so painful but there’s nothing to live i want someone to love me plz help

  39. Make it look like natural causes seems nearly impossible to me, unless you have some help. And that help would mean they could be charged with a crime, so not the best option. There are many ways very certain, overdose is one the least successful methods. You can skip trying to cut your wrists too as you will most likely fail to do that too, to hit a major artery takes some skill (not kidding). I believe only the hypoxia method leaves no traces at autopsy. Even helium can be detected so the only gas you could use is nitrogen. Still would leave you with that bag over your head though, not very natural looking eh? I think everyone on this website wished for some kind of natural looking death, just to save our families and friends from the pain and questions. Truth of the matter is, that’s is nearly impossible, unless you are old or ill.

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