I’m tired of this shit

June 25th, 2010 by Amulet09

I hate my fuckin’ life. I normally don’t ever cuss (actually I never do in real life), but the itnernet is a unique place for this sort of venting. First off, what triggered me to write this post is the fact that I’ve been really depressed lately so I’ve only been living off of caprisuns since last friday. Since then I’ve lost 8 pounds and am now 104-5ish. That’s not the problem. My mom ever since her dad went to live with my aunt with their new baby I’ve been picking up more chores around the house lately. Everyday, my mom keeps screaming at me to clean up the mess she thinks I made in the kitchen (when I’ve never been eating) and my half-assed brother (he’s 8 ) is always sitting around the tv playing his stupid wii and she never tells him to do shit. And my mom never wants to give my older sister a hard time since she’s back from college and is starting to live with us. I guess, all the pressure was starting to build and I told my mom upfront that I wasn’t eating since last friday and I’ve lost 8 pounds since then. I guess if you’re a normal concerned parent you’d be worried why my child isn’t eating and do you know what she says?!!! She says “not eating isn’t an excuse to stop helping around the hourse”. This happens ALL the time. I think I’ve lost my temper before and accidentally told her that I self-injure and she just told me to “cut the drama”. I feel like I already died and no one cares. She recently remarried early this month and I don’t like my new stepdad and since I’m the only one who’se not so quick to get a new daddy (my sister and brother both love him) she told me I should stay with my real dad (he was abusive that’s why they got divorced). I keep hearing unbelievable shit from her. I dunno. I’ve always been her problem child so I guess I’m writing my own bad fiction of a life story that revolves around me when it doesn’t. Sorry for whoever reads this I’m being too egocentric.

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  1. well hey i know where you are comeing from i went though the same thing i rough but hopefuly it will get better soon this is wat i always say if something bad happens a good will follow maybe not right after but it will well if you need someone to talk to im here and you can talk to me my email is xxKXWxx@yahoo.com

  2. hi

    everything you write is fair and in no way you are being egocentric.

    If you spend the time to read back postings from other people, you will see that 6 out of 10 are children placed in the house with bastard parents. If I could get hold of these parents I would knock them out and off forever. They are causing infinite harm to children who are victims, who are helpless and who have to go through hell because their mothers or fathers are psychotic, abusive or worthless scumbags.

    So, that is the state of things. What you are going to have to do is asumme that and forget about that bitch of your mother, and watch out about your step father. It is a completely proven fact that single or divorced mothers with Daugthers always find a partner, whereas if their children are boys, they rarely or never find a partner. What I am saying is that the men who marry these women are not after the woman, but after the daughters, no matter if they are 9 or 10 years old. They will seek the means to climb their way to sexual abuse. If your mother is like that, the man who is with her will be no better. You say your 8 year old sister “loves” him. Certainly, at that age they divinize whatever a man is in the family but watch that closely, sooner or later he is going to try it. When that happens, report it to the police.

    As per you, you must concentrate on doing positive things for you, work on your education, practice sport, stay away from bad companies or bad habits. Nothing that can represent a threat or a problem for you, as you already have enough. Once you get your education and you become independent, tell your “mother” 4 words. or more. For now, NOTHING of what she says has any meaning for you. However, as you still dont have the money to go away, simply dont talk back. You ll do it at the right moment.


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