Slitting wrists?

October 24th, 2010 by CrazyLayla

How important is being submerged in water to successful wrist slitting? Don’t have a bathtub, how much does the water affect how much you bleed and how quick the wounds heal?

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  1. Why do you want to know this, it’s meaningless without a bathtub.

  2. The water isn’t to keep the wounds from healing. I think the main reason people do it in a bathtub is because it’s more relaxing and thus less painful. Almost everyone who tries cutting their wrists lives though because it’s extremely painful and thus difficult to do it deep enough. If you’re serious about dying and are not just crying for help you may want to look into other methods which are less painful and more reliable.

  3. I just tested cutting my wrists yersterday with a razor blade, it isn’t actually too painful as i thought, i’m not a cutter i was seeing if it could be a reasonable suicide method for me, i didn’t even cut too deep i think.. just a layer to wear i could see the skin split and other tissue, i’m not sure if it was doing that to myself or the blood but it just made me want to vomit really bad ,it could be because why i want to die involves because i was mutilated and my brain just wont let me cut myself.

    sorry for the rant but unless you can really cut yourself i wouldn’t advise it, seems like a bad way to go, maybe that’s just me. but i would definatley test it out first before you do it.

  4. Ok here’s the actual science of it:
    the water (warm water) prevents or at least slows down the blood from clotting, so one can bleed more. Also, warm water raises the veins out of the skin, so they’re easier to access

  5. What if I filled a basin with warm water and soaked each arm before I cut? It wouldn’t stop the clotting but if it raised the veins and I cut deep enough, would it be likely to work?

  6. ok look the fact is you have to damn near cut your hand off for this type of suicide to actually have a chance

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