Where could someone find Cyanide?

November 14th, 2010 by marine105

hey this isn’t for me or anything please don’t misconstrue the question; my friend is saying he’s gonna kill himself with cyanide pills and I was wondering if it’d even possible to obtain them? I just want to judge the validity of his threat, how much time I should be devoting to the problem…I’m just worried about the guy.

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  1. Your friend is in serious trouble. a) he is threatening suicide + b) he has a method/plan. The validity of his threat has little to do with his access to cyanide. A person that is determined to kill themselves, through any means, is usually successful. Your friend needs intervention…today!

  2. I’ve tried it’s just he tends to do this often…say he’s gonna kill himself and every time i’ve rushed to his house i’ve gotten speeding tickets the whole deal but he’s never actually carried out his plan, so i wanted your guys’ opinions

  3. I would say he needs help…..and u can’t always be there and that might be the time he decides to act on his threat. Maybe u could phone a help line and get assistance….but I wouldn’t wait to seek help.

  4. Don’t think your email addrees is working tiried and nothing :(

  5. A suicide “threat” is not a threat at all, but a warning. It is not clear whether your friend appreciates your attempts to save him. You shouldn’t be the sole person feeling responsible for his life.

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