Go To Sleep And Not Wake Up

January 14th, 2011 by hramk

I would elaborate, but obviously, no one gives a shit or if they did could not do anything about it, so . . . anyone wanna help me out, here?

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5 Responses to “Go To Sleep And Not Wake Up”

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  1. I’ll think about it.

  2. Please elaborate what’s troubleing you?

  3. ill help

  4. I wish i could go to sleep and not wake up i always wish and beg for that but never happens guess that’d be to easy. Ending it all is alot scarier and harder than i thought i’d be guess nothings ever easy. Bloody hell i just wish i was never born

  5. its not that hard.
    Just sew your mouth and your nose shut and bind your limbs,and go to sleep you wont wake up.

    Ive always wanted to die in battle, Life is pointless, But theirs no use wasting a good brain,

    life never was suppose to be easy. It was suppose to be a fit

    Survival of the fittest

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