Nitrogen?? Exit Bag?

January 24th, 2011 by hullu

So i’ve decided this to be my means of exit.  So hellium would be easier to get in larger quantities in the US.  You could walk to Walmart and get a hellium tank to blow up balloons.  But since it looks like nitrogen is more effecient.. I’d like to use that.  The easiest way I can think of gettin nitrogen is paintball gun tanks.. But how many would I need to be effective.  Any ideas?  Cause short of ordering a nitrogen capable tank and going to a company like BevCo to getting it filled… I dont see a better idea. Plus that and the red flags it might throw up…

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  1. There was a description online of how to do it with nitrogen as well.
    You will need to get the pressure/flow right for size of cylinder.
    Just go with the helium mate,it’s very easy DIY and works the same

  2. Yea noom is right. I downloaded this book call the the pill and it said that helium is the easiest way. I tried to use the exit bag without the helium by taking my sleeping pills and then eventually falling asleep with the bag over my head. But I failed miserably.

  3. @jthomas how did it fail? Did you wake up or did you rip the bag off while unconscience?

  4. The build up of carbon dioixide in the exit bag will make your rip it off your head even when unconscious. If you use helium your not breathin oxygen so your not breathin out carbon dioixide so you will just lose conscious ness and die.

  5. Helium and nitrogen sort of have the same effect, i’ve just read that nitrogen worked better, but Ive been looking around and yea, it’s probably gonna have to be helium as a nitrogen tank just doesnt seem very easy to come by.

  6. But at the same time I guess I’ve overthought this whole thing way too much. I thought, dont make it messy, that was whoever finds it isnt scared, but finding someone with a bag around their head would probably suck just as bad. I also thought about standing on the edge of a bridge and doing it so nobody would find me… This does have some sort of appeal to me also… Oh choices. I’ve thought about this so hard for so long I’ve run myself in circles. Just adding to the madness..

  7. Hi guys,

    I’m planning to make my exit via the nitrogen method also, though using an air-line respirator in place of the exit bag. I picked up a 52″ industrial nitrogen tank I found on Craig’s List, still pressurized to 1700 psi, and I mounted a low pressure regulator valve (typically used for pressurizing beer taps).

    The respirator line will connect directly to the regulator, and provide a continuous flow of 10 liters per minute at about 8 psi. If my calculations are correct, I think I’ll get about an hour’s worth of pure nitrogen flow – which should be plenty.

    I’ve researched this technique pretty extensively, and it seems to be the best option for a quick, clean, painless, and peaceful departure. Evidently, the body physically accepts nitrogen better than helium. Nonetheless, I’ll be restraining my wrists to by my belt with zip-ties to prevent natural reflexes from removing the mask.

    Nitrogen is not very difficult to acquire for industrial purposes. It’s used in welding and in refilling certain shock absorbers. It’s also the propellant of choice by paintball enthusiasts. Any rare gas filling station is likely to carry it, most of which provide the canisters.

    At any rate, this is the way to go for me. I have to tie up a few loose ends first, but after that, I’ll be moving on.

    Just thought I’d share the direction my research has led me.

  8. I ran through very carefully lastnight what was to be my exit and am now apprehensive about still being here. I made my exit bag and was careful to regulate the flow of helium to the correct level. I emptied the remaining air from the bag then turned the flow on. Once the bag was full with helium I then emptied my lungs, pulled the bag down and inhaled a very deep breath. I exhaled, then inhaled again. Upon exhaling again I began to notice that I felt nothing and should have began to lose coordination at the very least but the only notable impact was the pounding of my heart through my chest.
    I removed the bag and retried from the beginning and this time made very certain that there was no oxygen in the bag or my lungs. This time I kept the bag over my head for well over a minute, but was not affected beyond some dizziness and shaking. I did not proceed from there as the aim was to die not be brain damaged permanently.
    This morning I have done more research and have found a few pieces of information on helium being diluted with oxygen as a way of avoiding accidents with children inhaling too much and injuring themselves. This is apparently practiced by an increasing amount of party suppliers.
    I’m lucky in a way that I was coherent the whole time or I may not have been able to articulate this to anyone right now. If you are going to use helium be sure to use an undiluted variant, or switch to an industrial nitrogen which I will now be doing.

  9. t
    where do i get nitrogen. is the paintball canister enough. i heard 4kg. that is a lot. i heard the helium method is detectable in autopsy. i have tried helium and it was very harsh. i took bag off. i am hoping nitrogen is smoother and less toxic. i am finding nitrogen much harder to get and more expensive. i called praxair and i hope they can get it to me. i also found the right amount for 500 dollars. i also plan on gladd exit bag. i am in a hurry but want to have be undectable. any suggestions where to get nitrogen. i heard that welding companies might have it.

  10. I’ve got a propane tank filled with nitrogen:
    I took it to the welding supply shop and they filled it without question. I did have a lie prepared, should they question: I fill my bike tires with nitrogen to preserve the rubber.
    Tests confirm that a plastic bag with a bungee around the neck and a tube taped to the inside of the bag inflates and stays on, displacing any oxygen and preventing any air from entering. The amount of nitrogen is large: I could fill an entire room or car and it was cheap. Additionally I don’t have to pay a deposit nor die with someone’s property unreturned. If only I could trust someone with my remains, I hate to force someone else to clean up my mess. Too bad the theists have made suicide a crime, I can’t endanger a friend by enlisting help.
    Best of luck, everyone- for obvious reasons I won’t be able to reply to questions.

  11. I’m also exploring this method as a backup. Would really love to get that nembutal, or nitrous (medical grade). So scared that something would go wrong and end up with brain damage. Would love someone to chat to….

    I just found this site… 32/M/OZ ……

    Feel free to get in touch.. It’s so hard to find people to talk to about this.. I mean how many people really understand what being on this level is like…

    All the best everyone,

  12. DJ I am also planning the same method. Also scared of brain damage. Bought regulator from Australia and peacefull pill book. I am thinking about a pill to relax then put bag over head.

  13. Hey folks,
    Just to let you know that the helium vrs nitrogen debate has been discussed on here in other posts extensively. Helium was used as it supposedly was easy to get a hold of. Basically, any inert gas will have the same effect. You will lose consciencness in minutes and there is no trashing around and bag ripping actions ( as apposed to CO).
    I purchased my tank and nitrogen ($140) at a welding supply shop as nitrogen is used in plastic welding, but nobody even asked. It was a common normal transaction. I got my flow meter there too ($90).
    Everything is in place. Now just waiting to see if a few final pieces fall into place before I take the journey.
    As to the rumor of helium being diluted…I’m not sure if I believe any of that, but then I never considered a choice.

  14. Search out the entries under ‘helium hood method’ for more information on this method.

    P.S. my previous entry should read (in the last line) I never considered helium a choice.

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