Helium hood accessories

May 2nd, 2011 by Bluedot

For the Helium hood method to work with the “Balloon Time” Helium tank I found at my local party store,  I read in The Final Exit that i need:
1) Plastic Tubing 2.1m with soft connectors.
2) Quick Release air-line fitting.
3) Gas jet regulator.
Does anyone know where I can find the correct parts? That will work with the Balloon Time party kit. Links to Amazon or Lowes/Home Depot would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I got all mine from the peaceful pill website.

  2. google the Gladd Group, you can buy everything you need for $60

  3. I see they’ve updated the book

    what is this “Quick Release air-line fitting”

    @social.Did your thing arrive

    @toby $60 is just for the bag,a bit of a rip off

  4. @n o o m Wow, really? I thought that all you needed was the bag from gladd group (which I just recently got) and some helium tanks. the exit bag comes with tubing. this sucks. sounds like this’ll take longer than I want it to.

  5. dearlybeloved
    Don’t worry I think you’ll be ok.I believe it can be done without the gauge and fitting

  6. The main thing, other than the bag and the tank, is the Gas jet regulator.
    If Gladd Group just sells the bag I’m good with that. (I cannot find any website that says what comes with the bag. only a blog post with the address)
    I have no idea what size regulator and stuff to look for. The Balloon Time website does not have any spec’s on the tank for that.

    The tank looks like a propane tank. So would a propane regulator work?

  7. if you order the helium hood kit from Gladd plus the helium, I thought thats all you need… Anyone know?

  8. @n o o m – yes it did, i’m leaving next week.

  9. @lkp323 You will still need to attach the tubing to the tank. also The final exit book recommends a flow regulator. So that the tank does not empty in afew sec. You want it to keep pumping out Helium till death. Asphyxiation using Helium or Nitrogen should take about 3 min.

    But i have also read many storys of people dying without a regulator using a 15cf tank.

  10. @social
    whoa….I didn’t know you were thinking of checking out so quick.
    You seem to hav decided.I’d join ya but not doing it that soon.
    Where abouts are ya in UK,and how have you come to that conclusion.Has life been complete sh1t for ya

  11. @n o o m: I keep hearing people say you don’t need the flow regulator. However the balloontime tank I purchased doesn’t flow out steadily. The valve it comes with only releases helium when you squeeze it.

    Don’t they all work this way and if so how do you get the helium to keep coming out without the flow regulator?

  12. @livingdeadgirl all you gotta do is twist that part, and it unscrews off.

  13. I need info on this too, its my chosen method, anyone want to tell me any final details i need to know please e-mail me….


  14. I have the balloon tank, and a 3 ft hose also I bought a flow through valve at a plumbing supply store Sorry but the most I recall is it’s a “CGA-580″ screw fitting. You can look it up FORGIVE ME FOR NOT POSTING A LINK because it is painful to type. I plan to use 2 glad bags one inside the other, BUT I do not have or even know what to get for a flow regulator. The ballon tank has 8.9 cubic feet I think I guess the 40 or 50 gallon glad bag would hold much of that BUT I FEAR THAT THE PRESSURE WOULD BLOW THE BAG OFF MY HEAD, A “necktie of elastic (aphysical therapist exercise “ribbon” will serve aas my “necktie” to secure the bag once it is full/ I will be sure to EXHALE all breath after the hood is inflated because the panic response comes NOT from lack of oxygen but the PRESENCE of carbon dioxide, Hence the necessity to exhale completely just prior to lowering the helium hood, I guess the excess carbon dioxide (if any) will be forced out of the bottom near my neck since helium is so light compared to everything but hydrogen (not a good alternative at all) I understand that all “inert” gases will suffice. Google the Youtube film of the fellow who wrote the song “You Light up my Life” and you will see the video of him doing this method (he was facing rape charges…out on bail) He turned on the gas and began to sing his famous Grammy Award winning song, after “you light up my life, (now his voice rises from helium) , “you give me hooooope, You …..” That is THE END about 12 seconds. Hope this helps, ANY SUGGESTIONS ON THE SPECS FOR A 10 LITER PER MINUTE FLO VALVE WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thanks,
    PS for all you trolls,,, I have a broken back and broken neck, constant pain and limited mobility, No kids or family to miss my passing TROLLS walk a mile in our shoes you sociopatic midgets.

  15. And I would like to thank you all for revealing to me, MY WAY. I was a certified welder before I went to college, so I know all about tanks, gas flow, and that sort of thing, but I didn’t know what my way would be.

    I knew shooting myself wasn’t what I wanted, nor hanging, nor…..

    Know why there’s a red line on Acetylene gauges at around 15 psi. In trade school they told us Acetylene was a mild narcotic, and that it’s unstable at higher pressures. So, jack the pressure to 30psi, hit it with a hammer, and boom, so they say. Boom wasn’t my way either.

    To all of you for revealing to me that it’s CO2, not lack of air that causes the fits, it’s what I needed to know. Thank you all again.

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