The peacefull gass

May 24th, 2011 by JonesHenry

This bbc document confirmed the well known fact, that nitrogen is the “easy way out”

The air we breath is around 80% nitrogen. The ideal situation would be to exchange the Helium method with nitrogen.

The Heliun method has a dangerous and fatal flaw in the fact, that Helium is not a gass the body recognizes, unlike Nitrogen. In otherwords, the brain after being fooled around 15-seconds or so raize the alarm bells and beging to struggle for air!

“Loss of consciousness (5-10 sec), involuntary convulsions (15-20 sec), decortication rigidity (abnormal posturing/ movements) (20-40 sec), decerebration rigidity (40-50 sec), second decortication rigidity (1 min 10 sec), loss of muscle tone, (1 min 30-40 sec) – this is where you vomit into lungs/ lose bowel and bladder function and last isolated muscle movement (4 min 10-30 sec). Bearing in mind that it takes upwards of 5 mins without oxygen before the brain activity ceases completely.”

This was a direct quote from someone about the Helium method. Helium will fool the brain for some time but not long enough. It will fool the brain for around 15-seconds untill self defence mechanism kicks in.

Nitrogen would not do this, i believe. The body is used to it, so it woulnd’t put up as much of a fight.

Nicholas Klonoski killed him self successfully using the Helium method. However, he did not use the “betty bag”

I have long suspected, that this is unrelaible. First of all, not enough gass in the tank, and the bag seems of a very poor design. What you need in order to pull this off are industrial level tanks, wich Nick suchsefully rented from a local gass station.

I really want to die like Nick, but im notoriously lazy and spoiled. I would like to die with pure Nitrogen and not Helium. True, if Nitrogen is not available, then Helium will simply have to do.

The point is;Nitrogen is actually cheaper and much more available then Helium. However it is a lot harder to order. It is(the tanks)are rented. However people will start asking questions.

“What do you need Nitrogen for?”

This is where the problems come in. Have you any ideas on what to do? It seems stupid, that we cannot order simpey gass that is used basicly in fertilizers without people asking questions. Yet suicide is never a simple manner of  “pulling off the plug” Not in the society where we live today. No matter how much of a reason you might have for doing so, suicide in many cases is a “crime” Not where i live no. It is not a crime per say, and neither is assisting suicide. However it is considered a social crime against the “wellfate state” People will(in the very small neighbourhood i live)as me, what is the Nitrogen for?

I have known of people ordering Nitrogen from our local gass supllier, but im not quite sure how they got away with it. What exuce did they give, or did they give any? Kind of ironic isn’t it? Such an easy gass, thats readily available. You can buy helium fittings from the local  gas company that should(not sure)fit right in with the Nitrogen tanks. If the flow in the tanks works perfectly normally(as it should do to the flow fitting devices)then there really is no problem!

I know of people who have comited suicide with nitrogen, leaving mostly pissed off family members, but a suchcessfull esxit without needles pain. However, what exuce can you get  a Nitrogen tank? Is there any?

For me Nitrogen is the perfertable choise. If push comes to shove, i will settle for helium. But i will say this;if you have read what i prevoisly wrote about myself, i am not a criminal! In this life(dont know about my prevois lives)i have not comited any crime! I am a victom!

Why should i have to struggle gasping for air at my final moments untill my brain dies, or be electrecuted? A simle question;why should i suffer as a victom of a crime, and not the perpetraitor!

I feel like it’s wrong. I dont want to really hurt anyone, only leave! I am sure there are millions of people who share my feelings;all we want to do is to leave this existance and move onto other realms…of learning, if god is so willing. Yet we must wake up everyday, wheter we like to or not. We do not have a choice in the manner. Often society and people around us would like us to die just as much as we would, knowing that way we would find peace. But leaving often isn’t up to us;we are stuck in out bodies, no way out! Most people who are termainally i’ll cannot comit suicide on there own. My brothers motherinlaw has Alzhaimler. Im not going to even go into that. Theres nothing that the doctors can do for her! Active Euthnasia is a crime under Finish law!

Ok! Im satisfied with having the helium. I am using a well known source to who to get the Helium hood from.

Here is her adress by the way for orders.

3755 Avocado Blvd # 166
LA MESA CA 91941

I guess im all spoiled since i want to leave more peacefully then Nick did. I just dont feel like a criminal.I know where to get the gass and how to order it. What im asking from you guys is, do you have any good exuce? Filling tires wont kind of fly, since it could be done at the local gass station. The best thing i have come so far is expermients with plants and paintball.

Im sure this is something that concerns all you reading this post. If your mother had Alzhaimler for example, woulnd’t you want her to leave the easiest, painless way possible. Nitrogen is that way! It is but…how to you get a tank from your local supplier? What do you say to them? Helium also works, but the bodies own self defence mechanicm eventually kicks im, and it will be a painfull struggle. I dont care what Ergo says;it’s simple science! The Helum leads to your suffocation, and people who die this way go through quite a bit of seizure and brain death. It is said, that Nitrogen also kills you a lot faster then Helium.

I ask you guys again, what to do? To settle for Helium, or demand the best, wich is Nitrogen, ofcourse. Would you settle for Helium in my shoes or try to get Nitrogen, and if you did, what excue would you make to the ompany you are ordering it from?

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  1. I believe your information about helium is incorrect. Most death with dignity type organizations recommend the helium method, and a lot of anti-helium propaganda on the internet is put out by Christian, anti-suicide groups. There is no struggle for air with the helium method, this is just wrong.

  2. This is debatable.

    I strongly believe Nicks death was a message from god. God is a loving god! I personally have felt him loving me to the point where i REALLY wanted to come back to him, but coulnd’t It was so frustrating…

    From a purely scientific point view, the brain needs oxyden, not air. Around 78% of the air we breat is nitrogen. It is familiar to both the brain and the body.

    Helium does not cause a choking reaction, but still after passing out seizures are well known related to this method. “Death with dignity” can really only happen with Nitrogen.

    Technicly, if we throw away a lot of the mumbo jumbo…your body needs oxyden to survive. The air you breath has around 20% oxyden. If i was so cut off your oxyden supply and replace it with nitrogen…well, you “black out” much faster then with helium. The body is so used to the Nitrogen, since it makes around 80% of the air we breath.

    Are christian fundamentalist lurking around there hoping to sabotage peacefull helium related deaths? Surdenly!

    Suicide however is a VERY serious issue, never without risks! You must add in many, MANY things! The bodies natural instincts to survive as it gasps for air(actually it’s the brain that is gasping)The gass flow issues and A LOT OF others! A lot of these helium related suicide attemps do fail! And i DONT want to be one of them!

    Nitrogen is the peacefull way to go. I guess if im lucky, the gass company wont ask me any questions, or i could say that im using it with my friend for pressure at Paintball.

    Anyway, the Helium method definetly ranks as the second best way to leave this place of existance. And i agree, our attempts to peacefully leave(without guns and explosives)are being sabotaged by right wing christian fanatics. However we must also be carefull people! Nick probobly didn’t just jump right into a Helium bag, but rather had things “figured out” long before he did so. For one thing;he used a rented REAL Helium tank, and not those balloon toys, wich probobly came equiped with a REAL Helium flow regulator. Second;he used a REAL EXIT bag, and not one “made with betty”

    Ofcourse to be perfetly on the safe side it would be nice to actually test how the flow of one tank works, return it back, and order another later on. But anyway this is serious business people! Something simple may go wrong. Also, if god doesent want you to leave, then you DONT LEAVE! It’s really that simple!

    Pray for me, that this works!

  3. P.S:I think i found an interesting site, that explains a lot of what i am talking about!

    Basicly put, without oxygen the brain dies. Guess it doesent really matter that much wich gass you use, if the brain is deprived of oxygen. Still, Nitrogen is more familiar to the body!

  4. I didn’t know the helium hood method was suffocation/seizures. If that is the case, wouldn’t you feel fine if you took sleeping pills or something?
    I’ve never heard of the nitrogen way out before. I’m not sure exactly how it works, or how to obtain it. Is it just like helium hood, except the gas tanks contain nitrogen instead of helium? How can I get nitrogen, and is it necessary to be an adult to purchase it? You’re right, I don’t want to fail with helium either. I heard it can cause brain damage, like carbon monoxide poisoning. What exactly happens if you were to go with the helium hood method? Would you just slowly black out without pain, or would your lungs notice and would you suffocate to death?

  5. And any success on obtaining N2?

  6. Helium and nitrogen. What’s the difference. they are both gas. They will both led to coma in secound’s then death in minute’s. Helium is easy to get hold of.

  7. Where can I get Nembutal?I want to use this with my helium,although it should work on it’s own if not.Time is getting near……

  8. You can buy nembutal over the counter. That’s the good new’s. Ok Here’s the bad new’s. Only in mexico.

  9. fuk.How about online from mexico?I dunno if I can trust if it’s the real sh1t anyway.Fuk it,i’ll try my 2 tanks first…Life is pointless.You work to pay off a house you’re never in then you get to retire at 66 then drop dead from heart attack

  10. Did not read all the posts and don’t know if anyone will see this, but there is another page on this site about this method, and the consensus, now, is that nitrogen is the better choice, mainly because we already breathe it, so it’s not foreign to the body and won’t cause the twitching effects many people experience w/helium. Helium affects the nervous system – some people have written that they’ve taken off their hoods while they were unconscious. This is dangerous – if you don’t do it just right you may end up brain dead. I have two helium tanks in the back of my car that I’m about to take back, and if you Google “nitrogen canisters” you will find all kinds on the net. They are a little more expensive than helium, but worth it, in my opinion. You just need to know how much , and how to hook it up. The hood is best, but is no longer made by Gladd. Gladd – who was a one woman operation – was raided by the FBI in May. If you really want to know more about all of this, Google “helium hood method,” or “assisted suicide.” Exit International, a right-to-die organization in Australia is supposed to be coming out with a small canister of nitrogen after the beginning of the year, solely for the purpose that’s being discussed here. Everything you need you can get off the net, or at a local hardware store or Home Depot, if you’re in the states. The nitrogen, like I said, is available on the net. Just make sure it is pure nitrogen, not liquid nitrogen. I’ve read that any inert gas will do, but I say nitrogen is best because, again, it is already in the air we breathe.

  11. I have all the equipment but unfortunately, you can’t do a test with the gas before trying to die, because you lose the gas in the process of trying to adjust the flow meter to the right level.

  12. If you need nitrogen you can give a reason of filling car tires with it as this gas is better for filling tires than air as the molecules are larger so natural deflation is 100 times better and thermal effects are much more stable ensuring tire pressure is more stable at higher than ambient temperatures, such as racing, etc.

  13. Failing that, you could always be a new air conditioning engineer, using nitrogen for pressure testing condenser coils.

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