June 20th, 2011 by dream_always

I’m considering drowning or jumping off a building. To be honest, I live in S’pore and it’s so hard to off myself. Here, we have very strict laws on sleeping pills so I can’t get my hands on them. I have try hanging and suicide bag but my survival instincts kick in. Didn’t want to try slash my wrists cuz that will only leave scars and I’m scared of all that blood. Well, I’m a coward so I want to put myself in a situation where I can struggle and it won’t do a thing.

Well, jumping off or walking into water both will off me for sure but I kinda prefer the idea of drowning. At least I can struggle though it wont do shit!! I dont wanna lie on the pavement and have ppl looking at me while i die…

Like to ask for any advices and experiences about drowning. Esp from none swimmers cuz I’m one. I’m thinking of just walking into the water, no medicine or beer before hand. Just close my eyes and walk. Need to find good locations where I wont be found and rescued. The thing is everywhere there seems to be lifeguards. Another suggestions on where?

I know there’s the woodlands reservoir. Someone drowned there, I saw in the news. Never been there myself. Think i need to check it out tml. Today I need to finish up what I need to finish. Spend some time with family. Most likely by this week. Dont wanna drag off too long. been long enough for me.

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  1. Above 90 feet, a straight drop into water becomes like a drop onto concrete. I don’t think even piercing the water the way an Olympic diver does would help you break the surface.

  2. Also, being underwater at night is incredibly scary. My friends and I decided to go night swimming while we were at the beach last year. I was sober but a few of my friends had been drinking. One of them went out far enough for the waves to be higher than his head and he got pulled out far, maybe fifty feet from shore. I noticed he was gone and yelled for him, only to hear him yell back at the top of his lungs. Just hearing him, I knew he was terrified. I started swimming out toward him; I’m athletic but hadn’t been swimming in maybe three years or so. A wave came at me so I dove underneath to try and let it pass over me rather than push me to shore. Every wave was a riptide. I got turned upside down in a second; I couldn’t control my body or turn myself upright. I was facing the shore, I could see the lights from the boardwalk, but the riptide kept kicking up sand and debris and the water started turning black. I was only underwater for about five seconds but was already losing my breath. I started fighting to break out of the tide and get to the surface. I managed successfully but was immediately pulled under by a second wave. I was able to keep my balance better and surfaced a lot quicker, then made it to sure. Long story short, my friend got pushed out far enough to get out of the tide, then drifted to shore on the waves even though he was exhausted.

    Whether or not you can swim or your struggling would do anything, drowning at night seems scary as hell. Find a nice park or somewhere secluded and drown during the day. I’ve read since the oxygen gets cut from your brain, after a few seconds drowning is quite peaceful; just go during the day so you don’t freak yourself out. Who knows what happens to our minds the moment we die. Go in peace.

  3. thats what i was going to do drown myself O:. For one i cant swim and never can my family so thats one. And Two i know like a river that is not to far from where i am and i can easily off myself there. Or i can drown in mine tub. Cause mine mom has to work and like my sister gets up and time soon and my brother is off with mine dad so its and easy way to do that too. They wouldnt even notice. I probably call 911 but by the time they get there im probably half dead so its all good.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Graychameleon. In fact, i never considered drowning myself at night. Even if i keep my eyes tightly shut, it’s still too scary to attempt at night where everything is murky dark and black. Not sure about the peaceful part, i heard it hurts like hell for 5-6mins cuz water enter your lungs instead of oxygen and it burns!! But well, every death (except death by old age) hurts so I’m not really caring about the pain part. There’s always gonna be pain. Just wanna make sure I will make it on the first try. It seems the key point is to find somewhere secluded. I will keep in mind. I have four locations so I’m gonna check them out soon to see which one is better.

  5. Wow, didnt know someone will try the same thing as me, SuicideKillMe. Drowning seems so uncommon here. Well, i dont have atub nor will i consider one. I didnt want my family to see my lasy dying moment. That’s why im thinking of going somewhere far so they have time to be prepared before they see my last moment. I know i will look really ugly (im nt beautiful anyway) after they pull me out so i guess i dont want them to see.

  6. all they do is the fucking helium kit thing. I rather do something that is simply and can ease my life away. And i been thinking of drowning since i became like this.Drowning will always be mine opinion and nothing else. I know a river and a park which is near the river where kids and people go and i was just going to jump in there. I dont care who is watching like i said no one in my family that i know of can swim so i have an easy advantage.

  7. only my brother know how to swim but he doesnt swim that well. well i dont care who is watching really either except that person may try to save me or call the police. So im gonna look for a place that i can go off in peace without ppl screaming at me to save me. all that trouble…

  8. i wish i can do that but the only place i can get peace is the tub in mine house.

  9. true. the only place i really want to die is on my bed. its the only place i feel safe and at peace but well, too bad. i really dont wanna my family to find me half-dead, pitifully struggling and what if they call 911 and saved me. ewww i cant even imagine that. btw have you try drowning before?

    or anyone who has such near experiences? i wanna be prepared like what should i do before i go in and what can i expect once im in.

    I had almost drowned in a swimming pool when i was really little, 8 or 9 youngs old. Not on purpose, mind you! i went to the adult pool on my own and it was deeper than it looked. i didnt sink straight away and was bobbing up and down on the surface. i dont remember making noises but im sure i was screaming at that time. my hands and feets are everywhere and i feel panic. No pain, I guess i wasn’t in for very long. my mum just grabbed me and pulled me out of the pool.

    im not prepared to take any medicine or drink any alcohol beforehand cuz im afraid i may faint before i even reach the waters. so doing it clear-minded seems pretty scary…anyone try that before?

  10. Please don’t do this. Please keep seeking help until you find it because you will find it eventually.

  11. I wish I could find a painless way. I have sleeping pills, valium and pain pills. I have prepared a rope -but I would rather just use the pills with a exit bag and some volka-I have also been thinking about dertergent suicide -But you cant find exact intructions and it seems a little nasty
    I have lost everything in my life-I am done with it.

  12. I keep dreaming of drowning and think maybe that is the way I’m meant to go. Though the helium hood method just seems a lot less scary and think it is the easiest way to go.


  13. @ Julesplus3 +1 I’ve had dreams of drowning all throughout my life and am considering it now.

    ‘I dont care who is watching’

    Like someone said, it may be painful and unless you’re masochistic you don’t want to go through that only to be rescued and come out alive with brain damage.
    Make sure nobody is around.
    The splash can be heard.
    I thought I read somewhere you can be revived like 15 mins after.
    I suggest tying duck-tap or rope around your legs, just above your knees and around your ankles and also just above your elbows and your wrists if that would work.
    Then jump off sth into deep water or row out in a small boat first.

    I’d like to not be in too much pain before I die and am researching what might help make drowning more ‘peaceful’.
    Hoping for some input.
    Alcohol I think would help.
    I wonder if codeine painkillers would help too.
    My worry is there’s caffeine in them and that may counteract the sedative effects and even those of the alcohol on top of that.
    I’d be taking pills against nausea beforehand.
    Don’t want to vomit it all up.
    I’m also considering smoking some weed beforehand just to counteract the nausea but I don’t like the psychological effects of it and would rather not be under the influence of weed when I die.

  14. I wanna ask you have you no fear of the dreadful sensation which accompanies drowning? I was pondering jumping off the bridge with bags of sand tied into my body but I’m scared that I will suffer a lot before I die. You see, I picked drowning because I don’t have too many choices. I’m too much of a coward to jump off a building, I’m deathly scared when I’m on something high, my country has strict firearm laws so I don’t have any guns, my family hid my sleeping pills and even if they didn’t hide it I wouldn’t go for it as it didn’t make me die, slashing veins – been there and it hurts a lot and isn’t lethal. Poison, I planned to use it before I jump off a bridge but: one – it hurts, and I don’t have access to a poison that hurts less, two – I had poison flushed out of my system before, three – when I drown I would first swallow water before I actually breath it in, was drowning like I said and it causes vomiting flushing out the poison……I can’t think of anything else but jumping off a bridge and drowning but I’m scared because I drowned once, and once was force – drowned by somebody and it fucking sucks I don’t believe people saying it does not, however, I don’t have a choice. I already started stashing rocks, sand and ducttape but I’m scared I will change my mind while on the bridge. Fuck, all deaths by suicide excluding some fast acting poisons and gunshot to the head seem painful…Somebody told me he knows a painless way to go but doesn’t want to tell me.

  15. Wife left me, I tried taking a full bottle of Ambien, then walk out in the seawater. I was stupid. I should have walked into the ocean instead.

  16. jumping or drowning .both methods not ok for me.id rather die of my cancer if it progresses.

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