Judgement day!!

October 31st, 2011 by LOLfailz

Hahaa the night’s upon me it’s only 8pm here so i have a while o finalize my decision, once again… If i do not post november 1st, I am dead.
I just wish I had more time… But I don’t this was my date, while all the other 16 yr olds are out getting drunk, high, and laid. I alone dying… And I’d have it no other way :)

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  1. Your too late, it’s already November 1st here

  2. All the other 16 yr old out there getting drunk and laid, ………… I think thats a common misbelief amongst teens, we all thought that the others were “doing it”, news flash only a few are, well I don’t know about in todays teen world with all the free access to porn maybe there are more doing it.

    16 is a tuff age for any teen, I know I was so darn lost, and I thought the same thoughts, they are all out there doing it and I can’t even talk to a girl, man that sucked.

    I was a virgin till 18, and found out later in life that everyone wasn’t “doing it” when we were teens.

    Back in the day, …. say………. 150 years ago it was more common and accepted for 12, 13, 14 yr olds to get married, not all but alot of people got married very young.

    My grandfather was 16 and grandmother was 15 when they married. Times have changed there is no more need to allow a daughter to marry a young man that may benifit the farm, or have her benifit by living with the males family.

    This world is turned upside down, nature would have boys and girls get together at puberty, yet we have just turned this upside down.

    Hang around, life changes and gets really different as we get older, life isn’t easy for most people.

    Wait around for love, don’t kill yourself before you have lived.

  3. im 16 and guess what i did! i went trick and treating with friend watch a move when we got back and play truth and dare. i had fun tonight!

  4. @SKM shit that sounds awesome. I wish someone would give me candy

  5. SuicideKillMe I don’t fucking care… Good for you?

    and TC of course it’s November over there… We live on a globe :)
    I mean when it’s november HERE i’ll be dead, its 9pm now… Soon!

  6. Caucajun I’d rather die than live on just INCASE things improve… i’m too shy to ask for help, my mom wants me to move out, and to top it off I have this obsessive hatred for mankind… We suck. So I get where you’re coming from its just what tears me up the most is how i didnt think like this 6 months ago and I can’t figure out what made me change so drastically… Whatever though bye…

  7. You’re very negative. Bye.

  8. @Lol fucking gosh you didnt have to be so fucking rude about it! Never ask for your replied anyways :L

  9. Ruto, maybe one day you too will understand. When you’re facing your final hours… You’re not gonna be happy…

    And SuicideKillMe, sorry it was rude but… To me you came across as bein better than me and rubbing it in my face… Also if you don’t want a reply, why comment in the first place??

  10. Eh nevermind guys… I’m sorry for how I’ve been. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone… And although I have probably never met you, I love ya!
    I’m just a 16 year old Canadian male with major problems. I hope everyone can forgive me, I’m doing it now….
    Goodbye everyone. I’m sorry.

  11. If/when you die, you should totally flip the lights on and off to let us know you’re there.

  12. That’s probably not what I should be saying. I should be saying things to deter you from suicide. Sorry.

  13. LOL, humanity doesn’t suck. Its easy to think we do, but there is so much good out there. And, sometimes depression sets in like a ton of bricks, and it’s terrifying trying to claw your way out, but it can be done. Don’t go doing something stupid now

  14. @Lol wasnt trying to rub it in your face. O3 O i was just saying that most 16 year olds dont do that kind of thing. Although i was told to grow up which i wont O:. I just had really fun for my life. If i was trying to rub it in im really sorry about it :L. Halloween is just one of those holidays i dont feel disappointed.

  15. @one day
    I’m sure if you went sifting through a turd you might find some things of value too. humanity; locusts with philosophy.

  16. @tphg yes, but it’s not as bad as a turd! it’s at least a 50/50 positive negative split with humanity – it’s just typical depressive state to focus only on the negatives and completely devalue the good.

  17. alright, how bout a horse turd then? They’re non-toxic, unlike our own fecal matter.

  18. @tphg turd’s a turd dude. Why are you so obsessed?

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