just wanna get laid

October 31st, 2011 by tphg

I don’t have anything to offer the world so in my mind, I can’t have a woman. I’m consciously throwing my life away because of my philosophical principles. It’s like.. I’ve already started down this road of self destruction. I can’t take it all back and try again.

I mean, I could but I don’t want to. So much effort for nothing really; a permanent place in the friend zone is all anything ever amounts to. I don’t blame them for rejecting me; after all, I’m practically mute. The last time I asked out a girl, I did it via a hastily written letter that I read to her.

Disney has ruined me for women of this age; I’m a psychotic doofus still playing at being prince charming.

I just want some contact with a woman, contact that I’ve earned. No hookers, or strippers that play it fast and loose. I went to a strip club once and I remained flaccid until the private lap dance. But my enjoyment was cut short as there was a nose hair charring odor coming off of her gyrating body.

I just want a woman to hug me and lay down with me till I fall asleep. I’m so effing tired of feeling unworthy, even though I am. I’m not willing to work toward overcoming my phobias, I won’t go on medication to treat my depression, so really, what am I complaining about?

it’s all self inflicted misery

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  1. Love the title

    And there is nothing wrong with being prince charming. Sure we might take alot of painful blows, but its worth the chivary.

  2. I realised years ago that my view of women was not in line with the norm of society. I crave sex, yet over many years I’ve found that for me sex without love is empty, unfullfilling, and I’m better off not engaging in it. Of course there is the occasional “need”,
    yet it just reaffirms dont’ do it.

    I no longer have that feeling of having to have a woman, and what a relief.

    They aren’t all that important, as in your case its a real detrement to your well being.

    It seems that when people stop looking for whatever, then it shows up.

    When real love shows up, look out, katie bar the door.

    Being in love is great, the life spans of people in love are longer than single people.

  3. Self-inflicted misery: that you think you deserve. If you think that way about yourself, how are you going to convince a woman that you’re worth spending time with? Have a little more confidence in yourself and the women will follow.

  4. All about that swagga

  5. You gotta take a chance Dude…if there is a special lady, go for it!

    There is a shy guy who I have felt an attraction w. at work, not sure of his feelings, he is very reserved-some is cultural, we are different races, he has been ignoring me in the elevators, the common rooms, so I pulled away, I THOUGHT he might like me, that he was socially very shy, but then decided he might not like me, I pulled away and ignored him two weeks..guess what? He took a chance today and made a bold move, talking to me, letting me know that he was interested. I am shy too so we are a pair, but sometimes you have to take a chance. Who knows where this will go…BUT take the chance..its worthwhile.

  6. It’s aight, Bro, the strip clubs do get old after a while, especially when you start thinking the waitresses are hotter than the dancers. Sorry to say, but some of them are.

    It’s confidence, Bro. Man to man, confidence is everything. If you have all the confidence in the world you can walk up to a girl pretty say “Will you fuck me?” And you’ll prolly get them all to start blushing like lil school girls. The funny part about this is the only way to get your confidence is to get rejected. Start asking girls out. Their gonna say no, it’s inevitable, but that’s just the worst they can say. Then, you go to the bar, buy yourself a drink, start with a rum and coke, drink it down, then go to another girl and do the same thing. If you don’t get a girl the whole night then you go again another night.

    Be Cool

  7. Lol If your afraid you’ll screw up, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re guys, I understand, I was young teenager once… Hell, even grown men still have troubles

  8. self-inflicted misery .. you got that right

    a smaller part of you wants to give a fuck about life, pursue goals, have ambition & motivation .. but the bigger part is like: what’s the point of all that ? f-ck life !

  9. It sounds like you arnt tryig to get laid it sounds like you are tryign to find LOve

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