Tried Suicide by Dehydration

October 11th, 2011 by DepressedinAL

Well I tried suicide by dehydration over the last few days, I made it 4 days and finally couldnt stand it anymore… I am so frustrated because I was so close but yet so far from finishing it off…. I guess its time to buy the book that gives you ideas for a peaceful exit…. Why is it so damn hard to just get done and over with!

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    I’m jus playin don’t kill yourself. Someone who’s willing to stop and think about how their gonna kill themselves has got to have something better to do with their time. And if you can’t find anything I will

  2. I have been fighting depression for years!! Since the age of 14, and I am now 34, I am on meds, but they dont work eventually your body just become immune to them… I can not hold down a job because of my condition so I have pretty much ran my family into the ground financially… Believe me I have plenty of time during the day to find ways, I have looked in the helium kit, but she is no longer in business.. I am thinking about buying the book final exit hoping it has other ideas in there…

  3. Man, it don’t matter how much shit life throws at you, you gotta stick to what you know, and that’s living. You obviously suck at dying so you might as well find something useful to do while your alive. Go make a club house. Put a no girls/boys aloud sign on it or some shit. Start doin charity work. Grow a garden. Build something then burn it down. Go fishing. Go hunting. Go volunteer at a vet clinic. Go volunteer at a free clinic. Go volunteer at the hospital, schools, churches, community center, bars, grocery stores, retirement homes, homeless shelter, random dudes house, fire department, police station, post office, or your neighbor. Become a lifeguard. Or just go outside and literally sweep the street clean.
    You’ve spent 20 years of thinking of ways to kill yourself. Come on. I don’t mean to be a dick, I’m just trying to help. But you need to occupy yourself. At least try it, and if that don’t work… then I’ll just think of other ways to annoy the shit out you to where you’ll finally just say “FUCK! Fine, I won’t kill myself. Now, get the fuck off my porch!”

  4. @DepressenAL I know what your saying (depression is a illness that can devastate.) Can your doctor change your mend’s? I hope you can get better.
    Buy final exit read it. I got it. ( you can make your own exit bag. The info is out there)
    If your going to kill your self use in H exit is prob the best out there.
    @ T.C Depression is a illnes. Get it stop being a asshole.

  5. Lol i was just called an asshole for trying to help. I don’t believe anyone should die, no matter what the reason.

  6. T.C so what you doing on a suicide site?

  7. I just like helpin people. Like I said, man, I don’t mean to be a dick I just don’t like even knowing there are just unhappy people out there. I just wanna be there for people I guess.

    Aren’t you turning to a werewolf? Just wondering but aren’t werewolves only found in Transylvania? Or is that just Vampires? Jus askin,

  8. @T.C funny.

  9. Just askin

    Bro, depression sucks. To feel like shit all day, every day. It especially sucks to go through it alone. Nobody deserves that, but at the same time I don’t believe suicide really solves anything.

  10. @depressed, that’s a terrible way to go out. It used to be believed that the human body could withstand 3 days without water but there was recently a case of someone surviving 30 days. It’s amazing how your body can adapt.

    @doolitlle, TC is a good guy. He’s not depressed but he hasn’t had the easiest life, and at least he is trying to relate to us, even if he doesn’t understnad. That’s more effort than what most ‘normal’ people give.

    @TC, It was only one particular vampire, Count Dracula who originated in Transylvania, Romania.

  11. Thanks everyone for replying… I bought the book and I am starting to read it… I have written my letters to everyone that I think deserves one… Took me 4 hours talk about hand cramps…

    @TC i know your being funny, I never took what you said as being ass… Your just you…

    @DR I am scared to go to my doctor, I know he will put me in treatment and I hate those places… They say they are there to help you but they treat you like children tell you when you can see your family or even speak to them… Everytime I have gone in for treatment I find myself checking out because I am usually in a room with someone who detoxting or just wont shut up and go to sleep…

    I dont know this is just too much!

  12. Well i’m on day two of no food and no water I think this is the best way to exit no pain nothing it seems to be working

  13. Skye51, how did you get on?

  14. I agree, why is it so hard? :(
    I started dehydration\starvation today but I’m afraid to fail
    I’ve failed short drop hanging already! I don’t even have the right equipment to hang myself
    life sucks
    still alive?

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