Bad Person

December 31st, 2011 by AtTheEnd

I’m a bad person. I push people out, I call them names. I push people’s buttons, so that they end up hurting. I make mistakes and knowingly blame others so that they can suffer a long with me. If someone asks for help, I will help, but I’ll torment throughout the process. I don’t like to see people in pain or in tears, but I make them feel pain and I make them cry. I tell people I love them only when I need them, if they are to busy for me I ignore them when they have time. I put people down constantly. I’m not a good person. I’m a bad person. Should bad people be allowed to live? I think they shouldn’t, which is why I should die. Which is why I will die. In my mind I’m the worst person ever, in real life I’m one of the many horrible people others have in their lives. I’m a bad person and I will die soon, because there’s no use for someone like me in our world. ( I know people will comment telling me to be nicer and live, but no. Plain and simple, NO.)

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6 Responses to “Bad Person”

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  1. Okay then.

    Just give up “trying” to be a better person…

    I always say, give people a light, and they will find a way through the darkness ….

    Change your thoughts and you change the world, at least your own and those close to you.

    Stay well

  2. Everyone’s got an inner bitch. It’s not something to feel bad about to this degree. Not that i think it’ll change how you feel. Try to find out why you’re a bitch. That might work.

    And if you’re a guy… It still applies.

  3. Thank you but no…I won’t…

  4. Your actions don’t define you. You obviously care that people are hurt, or cry, which means you are a good person. Sorry to break it to you, but making people sad doesn’t make you a baddie. Everybody does that, makes you human. Now not everybody care they do, but you care. You’ve just been thinking too much and your thoughts are burying you. You need to sit down sip a cup of coffee and shake all of that off. Im sorry but you need the stupidness to be slapped right off you. Those people still stick around you because they love you, and face it you love them too.

  5. Think of it this way – sometimes all people need is a good arch enemy. Someone to hate and you are providing that service to them. Every Batman needs a Joker and every cop needs a robber. As a member of society, you’re the guy who challenges and those who live and over come you’re venom is a better person for it. So thank you for being the bully that we have to over come.

    However, if you’re not comfortable with this role in life – thats a whole bag of beans. Maybe you should stop thing about what you’re doing to others and get a little but more selfish. F*ck everyone else. What do you want out of life?

  6. You are not a bad person, you re just a non-hipocrit human.
    I make people sad as well and I will make it again when I kill myself.

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