What is death like?

December 11th, 2011 by MrSebastior

Has anyone here had a near death experience? I’m not talking about where you almost got hit by a car or no shit like that, i mean an actual NDE, where you’re practically dead and then for some reason you start living again.

If you’ve had an NDE, what was it like? and what happened when you ‘died’? like, how did it happen

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  1. An NDE is ony the 1st stage of actual transition. There is no such thing as death and everyone on here best get that truth. Energy does not die, and that’s all we are is energy beings vibrating at a certain frequency. When we croak, we change perspective and vibrate at a higher frequency, going back to pure positive energy.

    I was in a dream state of some sort….I remember floating above ground in a statuesque position-…. and like a shot going through a white tunnel, very fast….then I came back and woke up. Mine was very different to people who hovered above their bodies and all that. I’ve flown around the astral in dream state and remember feeling a very large presence settling me back in my body after what felt like falling a great distance….bit off topic there.

    http://www.nderf.org/beyond_light_pmh.htm That’s probably the most accurate explanation of what croaking is that I have come across.

  2. what softsoul says has plausibility, yet there is still only a 50/50 crap shoot that anything is or isn’t aaftewr this.

    I bought a boook for a friend yet read it real quick before delivery, 1996 about life after death her fiance was dying of cancer. I enjoyed the book it was a story of a persons surgery and death on the table, watched Surgeons working on them. He/she saw a bright Light. etc. etc. etc. bla, bla, bla,

    The was movie out in 2005 “What The Bleep Do We Know Anyway”. It spoke of energy at the quantum infinteselnal small of small. The waves softsoul spoke about peaked that memory.

    The only FACT we know while we are alive is there ain’t one stinking asshole thathas any proof one way or the other.

    If we were intended to live and wait to die naturally (our time) and we alter that energy radio tramsmitter/receptor before our time, we have changed nature and may not end up in a place we want to be in if it be realistic that our energy somhow continues.

    The thoughts that flow thru a mind are energy, yet it’s a living biological machine that enables the nutrition takin in to be transformed into the energy of mind, body, and spirit. So if the biological machine is then dead, there is no more energy, its just over.

  3. “The thoughts that flow thru a mind are energy, yet it’s a living biological machine that enables the nutrition takin in to be transformed into the energy of mind, body, and spirit. So if the biological machine is then dead, there is no more energy, its just over.”

    Great point. The only energy when the machine stops is the energy that will be released through decomposition of the structure of the machine.

    50/50? Nah. Probably closer to infinity:1 (at least for the exact “you”)

  4. Myself I have had 7 near death experiences. The last one was submitted to the IANDS website and was used by Dr. Kenneth Ring on his website that softsoul has given you the link for. There is no such thing as ending it all. My heart cries for all the lost souls on this site who think there is anyway to get away from themselves. I know….I’ve tried them all. My first suicide attempt was at the age of 4. I am now 50.
    My last NDE lasted 6 hours and was definitely life changing. Softsoul is right about many things except that we actually have 7 bodies and 7 dimensions to get through before we can “find God or no”thing”ness.

    If you actually manage to damage your physical body so that you cannot be sent back, you will be cocooned in the next dimension(reality), counselled and sent back into yet another body. Anyone here that doesn’t believe in reincarnation is in for a BIG SHOCK!

    There is only one way to get out of this reality and that is to learn what you’re here to learn. Until you get it you won’t get it. For most of the souls here escapism has become a way of life. I get it. I have Asperger’s myself.

    The reason for your suffering is truly self-imposed. MY 15 year old told me that emotional pain last on average 12 minutes. Anymore than that is self-imposed. So the question is “Why are so many of us so damaged.” Truly the pain is intended to make you look inside for your answers, not outside, and to start you on your journey to seek YOUR TRUTH, not mine. I have found mine. Am I still suicidal? You bet! Mostly cuz now that I have been and been sent back again i can’t wait until it is my time. I want to go home.

    I remember laying on my back at the age of 3 and looking at the veil, I called it the bubble at the time, and seing all my loved ones on the other side of the veil. I was scared and confused even then and pretty much spent my entire life looking for a way back. Guess what. There is only one way out of this reality and it is through it. I was counselled and sent back into my body. NOt very comfortable, especially since at the time I was considered terminal and given less than 6 months to live. Trust me coming back into this body WAS HELL. The truth is that heaven and hell exist in you not in the world as we know it.

    Science has now proven that our minds are not part of our physical bodies. OUr minds are actually found above our physical bodies and survive the death of the physical body. OUr brains are merely tools to allow our minds to access this dense physical reality.

    I don’t believe much of anything anymore, but I know for sure that suicide is not an option. NEver was and never will be. It is like dropping out of high school. It won’t end your existence, just prolong it and make you suffer more.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! We are different for a reason. OUR brains are different for a reason. We are not NORMAL. The normal state of man is to be out of our minds, and unfortunately most of the souls on this site can’t get away from the minds and thoughts ever, even during sleep, if you’re lucky enough to get any. WE are not crazy only different. Truth is soon science will prove that we are in fact physically different as well.

    Pain is designed to make us seek for answers. Suicide is not an answer. it is a cop-out. Start reading, listening and praying. There is a purpose to all life. Instead of trying to figure out a way to get out of it, try to figure out how to get into it. You are walking a thin line. Life is to be lived not lost.

    I have lived many lives in my current 50 year stint. I have been beaten, raped, tortured, betrayed and on and on and on. But the worst damage I did to myself cuz I took others abuse personally.

    Anyone here ever read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz? It started me on my journey and saved my sorry life. Sometimes all it takes is a different understanding. BTW I am not a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist or anything else like that. Even JEsus didn’t believe in organized religion. You need a personal connection with God not a church.

    Jesus was right. In dying I was born again. I love JEsus but he is not my saviour. I am.

  5. I’ve been on this site for a while and Amakua2309 has made the most accurate statements about life…of course it has been her experience but a lot of truth to be learned from. I hurt myself a lot by thinking up and researching ways on how to harm myself…when I started going the other way, I began to learn what is important.

  6. There is Steel in those words,

    I reckon so

  7. @Amakua2309

    One size does not fit all. Suicide is the only option left for some people (like me).

    People continue in life motivated by purpose; a purpose they construct in their own minds. Without purpose people continue on because of fear. Some fight through the fear and kill themselves so they can stop their own torment.

    Some people have no purpose because it isn’t inside them. The only thing inside is fear. And most people know fear is a bs reason to live. So most of those who have this fear inside of them fight their way to death (just like im fighting now).

    i have no purpose. im only fighting through the fear now.

  8. @Amakua2309 Says:

    I appreciate the website you spoke of and read at least 4 stories.

    The issue I have with NDE’s is that there is no one that was dead for a week or so to come back and talk to us.

    The brain is so complex, ……….. weird things can happpen in a dream state between the last seconds of life as the oxygen leaves the brain, ……….. just what is really going on at those points of the experience.

    Obviously all lived to tell a story of something.

    The most compelling to me is Jaun’s story I think hes in Chile’, was shot in the head, from what I can tell he lost alot of his head.

    His talking of seeing 2 friends while in the ER, …………. one which he had known to be dead for many years.

    The 2nd was of a friend he knew to be dying of cancer in another city.

    He states seeing both at his side or in the ER. The first time his wife is allowed to see him she tells him his #2 friend which had been dying of cancer fiannlly passed.

    Just because he saw these 2, ………. what was he seeing, was it a dreamlike state between life and death ?

    I mean I relly want to think these things to be true,

    It seems as though in all the stories, they, and yourself have mentioned a purpose, you mentuion having to keep coming back to get it right or learn what we are supposed to learn.

    What if a child is born in a 3rd world country 7 times in 7 years. What could have been learned by an infant or not learned that would send them back again and again ?

  9. caucajun you have intrigued me with your last question. Unfortunately I have already dealt with this situation as well. My nephew was born with Cystic Fibrosis and went undiagnosed by an idiot doctor until it was too late. By the time Michael was diagnosed he had had sooo many seizures that he ended up with Cerebral Palsy as well as severe mental retardation. Michael lived for 7 years even though he had been a DNR(do not resuscitate) since he was 6 months old.

    I often wondered what the point of HIS life was. It was full of pain. I took care of him for my sister while she was at a convention one weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. The drug regimens and having to pound on him to bring the mucus up out of his lungs was horrible. The drugs would burn his mouth. ACCCkkkk Enough memory game.

    Michael never learned to crawl or walk or talk. the only thing he ever learned was how to laugh. Michael wasn’t here to learn his lessons. He was here to teach a lot of other people their lessons. Myself in fact. I learned that no matter how bad it gets it could always be worse. And yet the sound of that child’s laughter was infectious. Michael taught me to laugh through the tears. To live in the moment. To expect nothing. Enjoy everything.

    Maybe there is no real purpose in the suffering of children in 3rd world countries, unless WE learn something from it. hmmmm

    In case you think that during my NDE it was really only my brain that caused it to happen, maybe you could explain to me why I had such strange physiological changes to my body upon re entry and to this day.

    I admit I have had a strange life full of strange experiences. On top of everything I am clairsentient. If you think living in your head sucks, you should try experiencing everyone around you’s moods 24/7.

    I refuse to argue about whether there is life after death. If i’m wrong what is the harm. But if I’m right, good thing i was paying attention. I have erred on the side of caution most of my life. Why stop now. Hedging my bet?

    And in the end, Houdini didn’t get his message from the great beyond, but I did get mine in spades. No longer any doubt.

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