Wost New Years Ever…

December 31st, 2011 by Michael

This is the worst way to spend my New Years. I know that this is really something not to get depressed or even suicidal about, but I maybe moving schools. And its not the kind of moving schools I like. I would be moving to a online school. Which means no theater, because there isn’t really anything around for me that I could do. And its new years! I shouldn’t be sitting here… I should be enjoying this day! But this keeps nagging me…. I dont know how much longer I can live with this, and my bad grades. I’ll be back on here later, and probably will make a new post… Feel free to email me at michaelwilke0@gmail.com

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  1. Just emailied you.

  2. Don’t worry Michael re NYE, it’s one day only, whats more important is your outlook for the entire year my friend. Do the best you can for now. But i am curious, why it is an ‘online school’?

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