i hate boys!

January 31st, 2012 by lonelygurl

a guy just asked my out then a week later he dumped me:’(. i really liked this guy maybe even loved but we never talked in person that much because my stupid so called friends always push me shove me and scream at me to talk to him. but id rather talk to him alone and then after this his stupid friend dumped me for him before he could do it himself. Now hes mad at me and i sit beside him in class :(

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  1. Boys generally aren’t too smart when it comes to women. That said … setter to find out sooner rather than later that he can’t deal with adversity … let him “be mad” … just pay attention to your studies.

    teacher dawg

  2. Tell him to go eat a dick. Don’t waste your time on trivial things like boys.

  3. Being a man many of us really leave a lot to be desired in our relations with women.
    There are many more enjoyable things to do in life than to worry about boys. They will always be around.
    Focus on personal interests and school.
    Build a life for yourself.
    That way you will stay strong and determined and no boy can break you unless you allow him to.

  4. I don’t like boys either…………cause I’m Into qirls,ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh;) hahahaha.

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