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January 31st, 2012 by chrissie

Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation cause he’s trying to change your heart.

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  1. Please tell God that my heart has been sufficiently damaged for him to stop now.

  2. Please tell god he’s an idiot.

  3. Hm. Question. So why doesn’t God just give people with heart defects perfect hearts to begin with? Then he could focus on other things like, the starving children in Africa.

  4. God god god god dog

  5. I love dogs…

  6. This reminds me of why I was done with spiritualism a long time ago.
    Hopefully it works for those whose lifestyle it is in though.

  7. Hello Chrissie,
    I for one understand exactly what you are referring to. And it is really quite simple is it not. There can be no creation without destruction. So you can learn the lesson you are supposed to learn….or you can whine……but you won’t get out without the lesson….kinda like that Chrissie? But keep in mind, we can always cry “Uncle”….or ask for help….but we will all learn or die trying….lol
    Just remember…..even Jesus cried out. Please keep it in mind….we are not designed to do this alone….here if ever I can help you.


  8. My situation stems from events over which I had no control and the damage to my heart remains permanent despite the most sincere prolonged efforts to change my heart using just about every means known including Christianity. I am grateful for what I learned from Christianity but my emotional problems remain essentially intact. I noted that the very Person on whom Christianity is based pulled the plug within 33 years…

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