Nitrogen Exit Bag??

January 31st, 2012 by JakeWantsToSmile

This is my first posting on here.. Oh wow, I don’t even know where or how to start. Just gonna wing it..

I am 26 years old and living a miserable life inside my miserable home in miserable Phoenix, AZ. Actually I have been very fortunate.. I have a great family and they may be, in part, why I am still here. My parents have given me all the tools I could ever want to succeed in life, but I do nothing except throw them out the window it seems. Anyway, amidst some legal trouble, relationship trouble, unemployment trouble, and really just troubles in life, I have decided I would rather become a ghost and see if anything else is beyond what we call life on earth. I thought I would ingest a handful of pills and drink myself to death.. I started doing research, which is where I discovered the suicide project. I have spent hours upon hours reading stories just like mine. Even though i know nobody here and his is my first blog I feel very comfortable and at home. Anyway, after hours of reading stories of trial and error and researching different methods, I discovered the “helium Hood method”. This seemed to be painless and easy… researching a little more I discovered that replacing helium with nitrogen was the way to go. Can’t go wrong I thought!

So about 3 weeks ago I went to target because I hate wal-mart, and purchased large oven bags, some draw string and duct tape. Following directions I found online, I made my own exit bag to the T. I went to a local welding shop and purchased a large nitrogen tank (5ft tall) and some rubber hose. I’m set!

I woke up next morning, went on a peaceful motorcycle ride to canyon lake, said my good byes and I love you’s.. went home, propped my pillows up, positioned my tank near my bed, grabbed my hood and played down. I did a practice run, positioned the Hood over my head and pulled the drawstring tight.. I was surprised that it didn’t freak me out.. then knock at the door! I can hear my mom calling my name.. shit! She was checking on me, seeing how I’m doing.. I told her I was ok.. she told me to come over for dinner tonight. Mom potentially saved my life.

A few depressing days later, I was ready to try this one more time. Yada yada yada, Im in bed and pull the Hood down and tighten it. I turned on the nitrogen tank and the gas noise coming from tubing to the hood was scary! I sat for a couple seconds panicked and removed the hood. I drank heavily and went to bed.

There it sits in the corner of my room, nitrogen tank and hood, glarring at me. I can’t even do this right. So a couple days ago I grew the balls and thought id try it one more time.. this time I’m expecting the noise, so it shouldn’t be as scary.. piece of cake! Laying down, Hood is on.. to make it easier I had a plan to close my eyes and count each deep breathe from one until I’m asleep.. 1,2,3,…30! Wtf! I feel fine! So I removed the hood and threw it aside yet again. The Hood filled up like a balloon, so I know it didn’t leak… why can’t I do this? I just wanna be a ghost. I have read over and over that I should be unconscious almost instantly…?? Id ask for some advice, but obviously if you have done this successfully then you will not be giving any.. so I just thought id share/vent. I’m frustrated. Please talk to me.. your thoughts?

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  1. I don’t know what you’re doing wrong. I don’t know about nitrogen but if you’ve read the helium thread through, especially the reports from Dignitas, they report different timescales for unconsciousness. Maybe you need to repost this in the helium thread, to get an answer from one of the resident experts. Have you tested the tank for pressure etc – or maybe you got a dud tank.

    On the other hand, you could try helium.

  2. I concur with “causeway” – the other things that come to mind are

    1. are you sure the Nitrogen is 100%?
    2. reports using helium say unconsciousness can take over a minute in some cases
    3. did you clear the bag of all air before placing it? any O2 in the bag will extend the time to pass out
    4. is the flow rate 15-20 liters per minute? It must be in order to displace all air and exhaled co2

    that said, I hope you can find workable solutions to avoid this option altogether – you won’t end up “a ghost” … you’ll just “end”

    spirit dawg

  3. Nitrogen is 3% lighter than air so I wouldn’t recommend lying down. Most web instructions recommend sitting in a chair or at least sitting up in bed. I’m surprised you didn’t have difficulty getting a large nitrogen tank. I’ve been afraid to try to source some so I bought one Balloon Time helium party tank (4.5 cu, the only size I could find in stores right now) and will get one or two more within the next few days. I’ve been nearing the end of my rope since October after a two month bipolar manic episode came crashing down into a severe depression. Did the nitrogen have any effect at all on you? Did you leave the tank on so it could continue to flush out other gases? I’m worried that my attempt will fail. People should be able to check out of this world without pain. Living has been painful enough. If you are truly suffering and it wont get better then good luck. Don’t take what has been given to you for granted; material, emotional, or otherwise. But if it is time to go, it is time to go.

    • I was not aware that I shouldn’t lay down.. I was just thinking if I lag down I have no chance of falling and the bag coming loose.. are you in the states? I noticed a lot of UK and others here.. at least in the states, I just went to a welding supply.. they didn’t ask questions.. tank full was $175… not sure how much helium costs but this was cheaper than expected.. and yes, I lay there, tank on the entire time.. I didn’t notice anything different until after I removed the Hood.. not sure if its any relation, but I was burping after and like an hour or so later I was walking around and felt light-headed/dizzy almost as if drank too much, but nothing severe.. and chapped lips ? .. I think it can work, and hope it works for you if / when you try.. no sense in living unhappy. And one of my favorite songs BTW, is social distortion – don’t take for granted.

  4. This is really peculiar. Inside of an enclosed environment inert gas should displace oxygen to levels that are not suitable to sustain life. I have some questions:

    - What was the name and model of the regulator/flowmeter that you used? And what did you set the flow rate to?
    - Did you scrunch the bag down before putting it on top of your head to remove the the air?
    - Are you absolutely positive you purchased a nitrogen gas cylinder?

  5. I do not have a regulator.. I don’t think? It has a gauge that says 4400 psi? I just cracked the tank so I could feel the air coming out about the same velocity as my breathe.. I could see the bag/Hood expand all the way so I know I had enough flow.. I think anyway. I did not scrunch the bag down.. even if I do so, I will have to open it to put it on so it will contain oxygen anyways, correct? And I’m 110% its a nitrogen tank.. thanks for the replies and any info.

  6. A pressure regulator is absolutely necessary when using a high pressure gas cylinder. Pressure regulators reduce the pressure in the gas cylinder to a useable pressure.

    The regulator you choose should have a flow-meter that has a scale in CFH (cubic feet per hour) or LPM (liters per minute). You can control the flow of gas by adjusting the knob on the flow-meter. Below is link to a picture of a regulator/flowmeter (copy and paste in your address bar)

    The flow-meter will have an outlet where you can connect a hose or an adapter for a hose barb if you wish to use plastic tubing.

  7. So if I crack the knob enough to fill the plastic bag rapidly, but not so much that it bursts, will not work? .. thanks for the advice, I will check out a hardware store tomorrow.

  8. The plastic bag should not burst as it should not be air tight around the neck. The bag should be just tight enough to stay inflated but not so tight that it doesn’t allow the co2 you exhale to be flushed out of the bag. This is why the 15 LPM flow rate is important. You are trying to maintain a steady flow rate of gas inside of the bag. This is why I think flow-meters are absolutely necessary. How else can you gauge how much gas is flowing into the bag?

    Achieving the the proper fit around your neck is easy if you use elastic. You can use a toggle with the elastic to make the bag fits accordingly just as the woman does in this video (around the 0:47 mark):

    By the way if you end up getting a flow-meter and the scale is in CFH (cubic feet per hour) you can convert to LPM (liters per minute) by multiplying the CFH number by 0.47.

  9. hi Jake, good advice from everyone but it is safe to use helium and easy and cheap to get in the states, and u can purchase a flow regulator kit with a gauge that goes with the kit to make sure the tank is full and that u get the right continuous flow. Let me know if u want to talk more. This is the method I am going to use and have gotten a lot of info from friends and done research myself. I’m just waiting for my kit to come. KiKi

  10. I’m just going to buy 5 big tanks and lock myself in the trunk of my car and turn them on.

  11. Hi I am looking to take the Nitrogen route too. The only obstacle that I am faced with is finding which type of pressure regulator fits on a 5ft tall nitrogen high pressure cylinder. I bought the peacful pill handbook but it does not talk of large tanks it only mentions what is needed for the recommended 33 cubic ft mine is 233 ft just to ensure that I have enough. So If anyone has any
    answers out there I would realy appreciate it if you could help me? PLEASE!!!
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Well I’ve found that all size nitrogen tanks share the same type of fitting for pressure regulators.

  13. so…………. what is happening jake wants to smile? i’m curious why the blog has stoped?
    it makes me wonder is everybody dead or just changing there mind?

  14. i tried propane bc i had plenty of it. but i screwed it up every time. gas just isn’t as easy as i thought it would be. i wish you luck though. now i am trying to wrap my head around using a .357 JHP. head shot with nobody around ought to do it…survival rate is just 5% and that’s even if the do gooders get to you right away!

  15. a1957
    you are a year yonger than me, propane! your not using the right gas,the 357 will do it ok perhaps better if you got the guts to pull the triger,i don’t want to go out that way i think it’s a little to bitter.

  16. The reason the original poster did not pass out in less than 10 seconds is because it takes at least 30 seconds minimum. The maximum is something I do not know. I’m guessing it’s 30 to 120 seconds. The experience isn’t pleasant. Even Dr Nitschke in his book “Peaceful Pill” says that there will be alarm and air hunger. I felt panic. Hopefully drugs and practice will work that panic to a lower level. BTW– I have an argon flow meter does anyone know what adjustment i need to make for the flow rate since argon is heavier (my tank is nitrogen) but the little ball that rises up the argon scale is going to be off a little bit due to using nitrogen. I plan on setting the flow at 35 scfh on the argon meter. My nitrogen tank is 40 gallons.

  17. Ignore my comment immediately above. I tried the experiment again but this time i placed the bag around my forehead and let it completely fill which took 1 minute and 40 seconds at 15 liters per minute. When the bag was full I pulled it over my head and around my neck– then I breathed in. The effect was radically different. I believe pass out time is much quicker. It could even be 15 to 25 seconds — not sure because I did not pass out. I was only experimenting.

  18. I believe that is the sense of impending doom, most people get that when they know they are putting themselves at risk intentionally. I used to weld fuel tanks and the argon gas that fills the tank will kill you with no warning, because you are not fixated on it. The same reason when you stick your head out a car window you feel deprived of air for a split second. I would medicate with alcohol to depress brain function to decrease your awareness. Have everything set up beforehand, if you smoke, convince yourself to quit for at least a day so your blood pH doesn’t trigger suffocation. (CO will trigger this reaction along with CO2)

  19. Jake, if you’re still here and get this, can you email me. I’m also in Phoenix. Thanks.

  20. Hi I just wanted to be sure about this so could somebody tell me what size tank I’d need to get (litres please) and how long it would last?

  21. Thanks everybody. the love of my life just took his life this way . I’m glad he could have probably come to this site to learn exactly how to take himself away from me and everyone else that loved him so much. NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT. When if he had paused, taken a breath, sought counseling, let others in… Sure, I’ve thought about the big S in my years on this earth. But, now I get it Suicide = selfish. If one is at such a loss, instead of taking his/her life, how about donating time to the less fortunate, to a cause, or if so fearless of death why not take those same chances/risks by really living life REALLY risking it – traveling, taking the risks both physically and emotionally here – right here on earth!?

  22. Ataloss , i know that it is hard for those left behind, but when one has an incurable and unbearable illness it is the kindest way. I have just failed with the helium method and was considering nitrogen. I am appalled to hear that even nitrogen isn’t guaranteed. I so desperately need a way out of the suffering. Think of those suffering as well as those left behind.,

  23. Same question for ataloss: which works better, helium or nitrogen? I got 2 of the 15 cubic feet helium tanks cheaply. But if nitrogen worked for him, then maybe it’d work for me too.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to shove off sometime soon. Thanks all.

  24. Would really like some assistance in putting this together. Not with the actual act, but in putting it all together in preparation. Also, I wouldn’t mind company. I’ve always disliked the idea of dying alone. I am not scientifically-minded, so I could use help with the materials.

    How large of a nitrogen tank would I need?
    Does the flow-fitting and regulator come with it and if not, where can I find one?
    What size tubing – in diameter/width and length?

    So far, all I have is a plastic turkey oven bag (larger than the regular oven bag) and some elastic. I am a little lost but from what I have read, Nitrogen is (so far) the method I prefer. Just don’t know where to start.

    If anyone can email me, please do at elizabethishere at hotmail. Thanks.

  25. Asking “Nitrogen or Helium?” is like asking “TomaYto or tomaHto” – in context, they are virtually identical.

    dog dawg

  26. Try peasefull pill hanbdbook

  27. Tryed to mail you, just got erro

  28. I have considered a few methods before but I think I am going to settle on an exit bag. I just now need some opinions on what would be better overall, pills to knock me out or gas (helium/nitrogen)? I know there are probably both advantages and disadvantages to both so any input would be appreciated.

  29. I am well versed about Nitrogen (research). I have everything in place and about to do fine adjustments to a timer based system. Take a few sleeping pills and the timers will do the rest. Nitrogen is the best (fastest, cleanest, no stress)

    I have shared many a posts with Kenneth and I can tell you how to get everything you need locally. Starting with the nitrogen (which you can pick at any welding shop) making reference to “plastic welding”).

    Msg me for any questions needing answers. This thread could get zapped a any second for discussing methods…….but glad it’s here.

  30. wow guys thanks the advice is great methods

  31. Hi Titaninium69,

    I just read your comment and found it very interesting. You say that everything’s in place with the nitrogen method. Could you tell me where I could get a nitrogen tank and a flow regulator (online links would be ideal)? I live in Eastern Canada, but can drive down to Maine or Vermont if need be. I would really like to leave this existance by July at the latest. Thanks in advance, Chocabo

  32. Nitrogen is easily available at your local welding supply store (flow meter as well). They don’t real ask anything, but if they are making conversation, simply tell them your are a hobbyist and your gonna try your hand at plastic welding (where nitrogen is the preferred gas).
    You may want to research plastic welding if you want to be more knowledgeable.

  33. Hey Titanium69, can you email me at ?

    I’d like to talk if that’s cool with you. =)

  34. Titanium69, I could really use some help and advice. Could you email If you get an error msg. (I don’t know why that happens), an alternate address is Thank you!

  35. Titanium69 are you still about to help out with questions about the nitrogen method?
    If so, could you email me at ? thanks..
    Or if anyone else can help – trying to figure out if a 20ltr tank of N2 99.995% is enough to go ahead, or is that not enough? Also, do I need a specific nitrogen regulator, or would any regulator do the job? Is the valve on the tank not enough?

  36. The average male adult will not breath much more than 60 litres of air each minute during physical activity.
    The part that kills you is being deprived of oxygen for a period of time. It isn’t an instant thing. I can hold my breath for like two minutes, that doesn’t mean I will die.
    Nitrogen is not poisonous, it is an inert gas so it merely displaces oxygen.
    The air we breath as humans contains 21% oxygen. Breathing air that is below 5% oxygen for 8 minutes or longer has a 100% mortality rate.
    A 10L bottle of Nitrogen actually holds 1000 litres of Nitrogen. So that is enough to kill at least 2 adult men.
    If this interests you then perhaps you should consider not killing yourself and look into a career in science, physics or engineering.

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