someone save me from myself

February 29th, 2012 by deannaluton

I can’t keep this up. I always fall for the wrong guys and I’m starting to hate myself. I hate the way I’m too nice. I hate the way all I want is attention and I work so hard for them to notice me and they don’t.. I hate everything. I hate my body. I hate my smile. I hate my laugh. I hate everything.

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  1. What you probably need is a dose of self-esteem and a backbone. You can only find it within yourself and nobody else can provide it for you. Muster up your inner strength.

  2. Hey i understand. I seem to be going through a similar situation right now. Personally for me social interaction helps. As difficult as it is to come across it certainly helps.

  3. That’s how I feel about myself. I put myself down so much, but at the same time I want attention. It’s one reason I model for myself in my photos. Good angles and lightning can make almost anybody look beautiful; and I thrive off the positive feedback.

  4. Give up and lose the war or get back up and it’s only a battle.

    I fall for the wrong girls, so I can relate. I’m sure a lot of people have been in a bad relationship. I’m sure very few haven’t.

    If you’re too nice, then be less nice.

    If you want attention try to understand why. Maybe there’s an underlying reason for the need you can unearth and use to satisfy yourself. But it’s natural to be desirable by those we find desirable. Millions of years of evolution has ensured our desperate need to form relationships to succeed.

    If you hate your body, change your lifestyle to a more active / healthy one. Make it your job– your career.

    If you hate your smile, then go goth.

    If you hate your laugh, then be a funeral director.

    But if you hate everything you just burn yourself down and out. That’s why you’re getting burnt out…too much hate taking up brain resources.

    In all honesty, you’re probably suffering from being overweight and having low self esteem. But you’re probably a wonderful person and someone like me is out there right now desperate to find someone like you to make them complete.

    Sometimes when I’m depressed and lonely I wonder if my soul mate committed suicide and now I’m screwed. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but just in case it’s true, try to find another way. It sounds selfish but if you do it and I do it and everyone else does it then we should cut down on the problem of people not being able to find their soul mates.

  5. For starters can I ask of your age? Normally if you are in your teens you are going through a stage. We all have a day or a week or for some a month where we cannot stand ourselves. It takes a while to get over, bceause I can relate to this. I hate myself, I have had self hatred for as long as I can remeber, but like I said its depending on your age and also your past. Think about the trageties are hardships you had to go through to get where your at right now. Is that why?

    Look deep within. Thats the hardest.


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