tried to edit my post

February 29th, 2012 by Telizabeth

give up how to edit two posts. wasn’t at all I want to say. I tried edit over and over I feel worse now than ever. what I was trying to say is I lost my house , my daughter did everything she should to complete high school, even a year early. have lost my house and living in temporary housing. I really dont want to be on this earth anymore. I am in no way helping my family. I’m not scared to go, I just don’t want them to hate me.

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  1. Hey-I’m in the exact same situation. Foreclosure, daughter failing all her high school class, not a penny in savings, and now I’ve major health issue. Suicide sounds Great! I need the balls to pull the trigger

  2. Well I’m no where close of losing my house knowing that I’m still living with my parents I’m am only just an 18 year old boy, who isn’t really close with my parents, but I’d only have to disagree mainly bc yall hav families you need to take care of, I may not knw wat its like but just reading it seems like hell but just remember you would hate to see your daughter looking at you getting Buried….just like I would hate to see mine…hope things get better..idk if yall belive in god but if you do, search for him bc I know he’s waiting for you with open arms, he’s there to help it may not happen over night but he will change your life. I know I may sound stupid bc I’m just a kid but hey, I’m here when no one else is…

  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    Do you still want some help to edit your posts?…I can try…not so good at this myself…especially explaining it. First go to the Dashboard…click on posts…and your posts should come up…gives you options for edit, quick edit, trash…etc. Next time don’t publish until you finished…just save the draft….you can come back anytime and finish it. Might take some of the pressure off. Hope I didn’t just complicate the heck out of it for you…sorry…but just take your time…say what you want….then publish.
    Darling…as for the other…it sucks…but that IS life…and I went through that many years ago…not even getting by really right now…and I still have my youngest to finish raising…and I bet you I’m older and more tired than you…lol Maybe the only difference is that I am too stubborn to give up…I fall down…I get up…I fall down…I get up…and I worry only about today…tomorrow will have to take care of it self…and so far…we’re still doing okay…not great…okay…I think I can keep the heat on for atleast another month…but please hurry Spring…I’m not complaining…it has been an easy winter on the heat bill…but when you can’t pay your bills…they are all too high…lol…but today I have everything I need…except tea…and I’m about to fix that problem.
    If you want to talk….let me know…I’m in and out of here almost every day.


  4. Hi,
    i am in the same boat. I am in temporary housing – got two weeks left and then i am living in my car. my daughter is in college and i havent a clue what to tell her about being homeless totally. we have nowhere to store our stuff, i have absolutelty no idea where we are going to live. I have 5 horses who also depend on me, two dogs, one cat and a guinea pig.

    I came to the conclusion that my only option is to die,
    i want to die
    i want to fuck off and give myself a break
    i cant.

    my body aches,
    my mind hurts
    the stress of juggling hourly survival is killing me …

    and i wish it would.

    i wish it would kill me,
    i wish for an end to this

    some fuck with a warped sense of humour
    carry on.

    And so i am here.

    wanting rest
    getting it.

    I feel like my whole body is made of jelly
    limbs aching
    not able to act

    i have never felt so shit
    on this
    today ( every day )

  5. Hate you? Honey – they’re are just going to miss you and feel awful that there wasn’t something they could do to help you in time.

    Follow the advice of these posters here and do your best to pick yourself up. Get a part-time job – take some classes – volunteer – ANYthing to try to improve your situation. After all, in a few years there might well be a child that needs a Grandma, and your daughter will certainly need someone to watch them sometimes. :)

  6. I want to thank all of you I have been driving around in my car all day and it’s now 9 o’clock at night. I decided I really need to die and I went ahead and went back to this website and I can’t believe how many people find it to me you all are amazing especially since you’re going through so much yourself. thank you so much you really helped me a lot each and everyone of you. bless you all.xxoo

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