Why Is Life So Cruel

February 11th, 2012 by Life Death

I am 11 years old and i know i am going to die, you can try to talk me out of it, hell if you make me find a reason to live then i won’t jump of the 17 floor roof terrace. You know what, i’m scared, terribly terribly scared. Do you know why, because after death there is nothing, nothing at all! Just a bleak empty nothingness, I hope there is something after death. I wish with all my heart that there is something after death, but sadly there is nothing. This is me, signing off, maybe someone will read this and care, hell, i hope someone will talk me out of it cause I am scared. Wait, there is something that is quite funny, i am going to kill myself in the place i love the most….. New York City, Manhattan. This is a goodbye to all, and I, a 11 year old boy am signing off for the last time. Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight!

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8 Responses to “Why Is Life So Cruel”

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  1. so tell us what is the problem, why do u wanna off urself?

  2. Because life is life and death is death. and i will never fell anything other than pain. Its strange , people love me and i love them, but there is one girl i love who will never love me back

  3. how can u know what u will feal, if she doesnt love u than find someone else simple as that

  4. You are 11! Give life a chance to be good, don’t go and kill yourself before you even know what life is.

  5. Sorry to hear it. You sound okay cool. I would kill to see Manhattan.

  6. Shut the fuck up, you’re a little 11 year old, before you die at least go out and experience part of life. Maybe you’ll find something worth living for. I stopped reading at “I am 11″. So let me say something that you might understand “Dude wake up”.

  7. Omigosh! Don’t kill yourself please…

  8. Little brother
    Do not be so hasty to end things.
    Your first 11 years may have been mostly pain but at least give yourself time to live for yourself first.
    At least wait until you are an adult and have been able to fully make
    your own choices.

    At this point your life is all about living up to expectations for your parents and others. Not saying your pain is not unbearable to you but you have little control over it.

    Maybe one day you can move away to get peace in your life.
    Your reason to live is to give yourself time to see if you can make a difference.

    Talk to someone about this little brother, because it would be a tragedy for an amazing fellow like you to not see what adventures you can get into.

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