Why I do it

April 30th, 2012by CountedUpMyDemons

So I’ve thought a lot about why my incessant mind always draws me back to ending it.  I’ve been down that thought pattern too many times to know that it accomplishes nothing.  Every time I get to the breaking point, I can’t help but consider my family and those who know me.  They hold my hand back simply by knowing I exist.  I never decide to stay here for myself, but selfishness is so tempting.  To imagine an eternal sleep that never involves the harsh ups and downs that life causes.  That’s why I really do love the “to be or not to be” soliloquy from Hamlet.

I don’t suffer …



April 30th, 2012by endless_sorrows

yup remorseless thats me i feel no remorse no pain…. i gave myself that name because i dont care for my life i never did…. im just a monster who does not belong… when someone dies it doesnt hurt me… i stop trying to find someone who would get me, someone who would accept me but turns out theres no one… day by day as i looked for acceptance in this world i only end up hardening my shell because i know theres no one out there… so i stoped caring, i stoped taking care of myself and i someone gave up on my art…. …


Incest (that’ll catch your attention)

April 30th, 2012by RogueShadow1281

I have begun writing a story on war. Hopefully, I can make it detailed and descriptive, yet still interesting. It’s a war story, based on the near future where the government goes completely corrupt, ruled by the Illuminati and the rich. There are the NUSA, which is the New United States Army/of America, but might change it to something less to the point. 

There’s  Rogue Shadow’s Units/Union(RSU), introducing Rogue Shadow as the leader and consists of a expanding band of Rogues, which are plainly living shadows most likely infused with humans, some are shadows that move of their own free will. Religious people would consider them …


My best, my only friend.

April 30th, 2012by LostForgottenSoul

My friend and I are drifting so bad. Friday she was upset over not getting a job she was feeling worthless and like a failure and was talking suicidal. I, being her best friend, tried my hardest to console her and comfort her, as i know the feelings all too well. Her response to my advice “I’m taking advice on why not to kill myself from a girl who has tried to kill herself, really, you think you can help me.” That hurt me so bad, as she said that i tried to laugh it off because she later told me it was a joke. …


I’m so afraid

April 30th, 2012by eternallyconfused

I don’t want my esophougus to rupture. Painfully suffocating to death on my own sick, jesus.

I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to think, I don’t want to feel, and so I eat, and sometimes I need to feel, to know I’m still alive even if it hurts, and so I eat. Then the shame of being such a fucked up, selfish, wasteful, bitch with no self-control opens up the endless black hole inside of me and I have to fill it (and empty it) again.

I don’t know if I can be helped, or even if I want it. I just know that I’m scared …


No more peaceful nights

April 30th, 2012by Meghan

For the past 3 months, I haven’t had a night where I haven’t either had a migraine or a severe panic attack.

I’m not dealing with another 7 days of this.

This will be my third post, and my final one as well.


the Plan

April 30th, 2012by the Guardian

Middle of the night you wake up, sweaty, confused, afraid. That same old feeling of dread hits you. Why can’t you sleep? Every night it’s the same fuckin thing.
You wake up hating yourself and wishing you were dead, you start to think of Cutting, that always works.
But tonight Cutting doesn’t help, you are overwhelmed by a strong hatred for your life and a desperate need to kill yourself.

You remember the Plan

You dig around, it’s here somewhere, you wrote it yourself, you knew it would come in handy one of these days.

As you read your own hand writing you are drawn to a happier time. You …


My last resort.

April 30th, 2012by shaunie_b

I am a victim if sexual abuse as a child . After blocking it out for so long, I came forward and the offender was jailed summer last year. Ever since I have felt numb and have no satisfaction from his sentencing. I feel that although he can no longer get to me or other females in the family. My life is already tarnished and I am ready to give up. Suicide has never been a true option for me untiltonight. I’ve called some helplines, shed some tears. But its no use.


My Life, I love you.

April 30th, 2012by sunshinepark

I guess I should start from the beginning. My name is Sunshine. Well not really, but its an alias. I don’t care if my punctuation is that great either. I have been there. Maybe my life hasn’t been as bad as a lot of people, but I am fighting my own demons. I have always felt like an outsider. I have a list of things wrong with me. I don’t currently take any medication for anything either. I have attempted suicide as well as have cut in the past. I still get very depressed every so often. And I don’t like talking about it because …


I really need to pee.

April 30th, 2012by christina--

I just woke up. Im surprised I shortly fell asleep actually. It’s now 2:1o am. I was up for 2 days to celebrate queensday (big dutch holiday). I slept for about 4 hours I guess. I started crying the minute after I woke up and found the nerves to turn around. I felt literally frozen. I guess I had a bad dream.  Cant really remember. All I know is that I really want to smoke some weed. But I’m afraid of the dark (yes Im a baby) and for some reason Im too scared to even get out of bed to pee.

I really want to …


“True love ~ Broken Dreams”

April 30th, 2012by symbalol

“True love ~ Broken dreams”

-Hai, my name is Peter Alesana also other’s would like to call me Petii. I’m going to share a story about broken dreams, the human mentally capacity of fighting for your loved one, for your dreams, shattered lost soul, never endless suffering, a story what will encourage you to stand up and keep pushing even if everything seems to be dark and hopeless , when you are on two knees praying, shaking in the unconditional pain, when you cried so much that your tears turn into blood but won’t stop falling regardless how try you hard, when there is no one else there to …


Die another day

April 30th, 2012by Lilielies

Still dont have a method im comfortable with. I want to do it so bad. Sometimes I get caught in the fantasy of my future and I say maybe I can turn things around and be happy one day. But then reality hits. I know I won’t be okay. The people on here havent been so helpful.. I just want to die so bad. Someone decide to shut me up and give me a method! If not I guess ill die another day. But I will do it sooner or later .


I don’t want to be here.

April 30th, 2012by idontwanttotellyoumyname

I feel like i’m a failure at life. No one likes me. I annoy every single person I talk to and no one wants me here. I already thought about commiting suicide multiple times, but my best friend talked me out of it every time, showing me videos, talking to me, asking me to stay for her. But i’m not sure I can do it anymore. I just don’t want to live anymore. My life sucks and my parents aren’t doing anything about it. It’s like they also don’t want me here, so they’re not doing anything about it so I can kill myself and …


Thank You So Much ~SuicideProject~

April 30th, 2012by [SyKo]Nuclearanthrax

I have been so sad, so hurt, i felt mad, i felt so bad. But its gone now, i don’t feel anymore, I dont care, And it feels so great.

I sat here for a while and listened and tried to help  your problems, while no one really did the same for me, but how can they? How can you help someone with a problem if you are that problem?. You can’t, so i didn’t expect much, But anyways, fuck it. Its finally over, no longer do i care, no longer will i sit here and try to help you with your life, I got my …


Saved by a lack of stocks

April 30th, 2012by 5w4y

4 years ago due to a stress induced issue during a relationship which may sound cliche but there was a large variety of issues which had piled on top of me and caused it.

i made a break attempt at well…..ending it all……obviously i cant go into details of what i did but its  a horrible thought that the only reason i woke up in hospital was because the bottle ran dry and i ran out things to swallow and i hadn’t broken the skin far enough….

Now given i was heavily inebriated when this venture occurred which didn’t help at all, i only have two memory’s from A&E firstly telling the nurse i didn’t want my family informed and …



April 30th, 2012by fakingit

ok soo i trust absolutely everyone and everything yeah i know its probably not a good thing. its not..cuz now i cant trust the one person i care bout the most..all over a stupid weekend. i wish this past weekend never happened cuz now i think everything is ruined and over but i dont want it to be i just dont know what that person thinks…..now omg this is so stupid iv been crying over it..ugh:/


I was in hell for a night before i committed suicide

April 30th, 2012by Zerda

I had to go to the mental health ward where i stayed but still felt like i was brainwashed into committing but then had an extremely scary dream where i was in a black and white place, no escape, with people with red eyes that told me, ” your going to be here for a long time” so yeah think of the consequences. So talk to me first before committing yourself, im someone you can lean on. I want to be a nurse. i can help


I am just a Metaphorical Hypocrite

April 30th, 2012by [SyKo]Nuclearanthrax

Everything about me, all that is, is just a big metaphor =] 

Because I am a Loony, So damn Loony! I got engulfed in the dark flames that got created within my life. And I love it!

I will never die, I WILL NEVER DIE! I post on here often about me dying, it is a metaphor! I die, very often, almost everyday, everytime I see that damn face, and that damn picture on the wall, I DIE. But I will never die!

I hate HATE, so that makes me a hypocrite, I hate LOVE but love LOVE. I Hate Anger but Love it! I am just all …


Only one way….

April 30th, 2012by Michael

I really cant take this anymore… theres only one way out…


I’m a failure to myself, to my family and to nature…

April 30th, 2012by Tempestas

I don’t know anymore what I want to do, what I want do be, how to be good. I’m 20, close to 21 and I am just so full of problems. Social inadept, habitual liar (to others and myself), a huge range of food allergies, a bad a student that failing all his classes, and top it all of a plain retarded asshat with problems with his sexuality. I really fucking hate myself these days, for one I’m failing all my classes and I can’t myself to anything about it, when I sit down to do the work my mind goes blank and I can’t …