i ruined everyones lives

April 30th, 2012 by forever_lost

kso lately i feel like i ruined everyones lives.

i ruined my moms life because she had to have me when she was 16 and drop out of school and couldnt become a nurse like she wanted. but she did go back and finish high school. 10 yrs later.

i ruined my dads because, well he had to have me also at a young age. but he walked out on my mom when she was pregnant with me.

i ruined my families life because i just did. they always tell me they would be better off with out me. (well my sisters always say that)

maybe they will be better off with out me.


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  1. If you ended your life now.. it wouldnt change anything,
    it may even make things worse, NONE of this is your fault,
    i promise you, dont listen to them. it’s their problum they
    did this to thereselves. it isnt your fault that you were born
    just deal with the bs that your mom dad and sister are telling
    you for a few more years, then you can leave and live
    on your own, dont listen to them i promise you
    - it will get better

  2. no your better off here in the world, i know life sucks at the moment but it will get better soon, trust me, if your parents hate you so much why not leave and live with someone els? or run away, running away is better than commiting suicide. im not engouraging for you to run away, it would be best off if your parents really hated you and didn’t treat you right, then you could go to a friends place and explain your situation? i don’t know if this would help or be taken down or somthing :/

  3. no … your Mom and Dad made those CHOICES … there were not, and never were YOURS to make … your mom and dad CHOSE to have sex and create a baby … they CHOSE to have that baby (you) … you mom CHOSE sex over her future in nursing – and she can STILL do it if she CHOOSES … your dad CHOSE to deny his RESPONSIBILITY, he CHOSE to leave.

    neither HAD to have you … they CHOSE to.

    And sisters/brothers will ALWAYS say mean things … but they will hurt the most if you were gone.

    Things happen that CHANGE our lives based on the choices we make, how we react to that change determines how our lives will be.

    One thing I do know is … everyone will NOT be better off without you … it’s an easy thing to say “i’d be better off without you” … but a horrible thing to bear if it actually comes to pass.


  4. Like Dawg said, they made those choices, not you.

    You’re perfect just the way you are. You, your mind, your body, your genes, you’re great. You deserve to be in this world. You deserve happiness. You’re beautiful just the way you are.

    You may feel like you’ve made mistakes or failed at things, but we all make mistakes and we all fail at things. You, the person behind it, are still fundamentally okay. You’re still good enough.


  5. i dont feel like i deserve to live. i messed up EVERYTHING.

  6. There’s no such thing as deserving to live.

    Have you ever heard of anyone taking a test before being born? Or applying for that much sought-after life?

    We’re all alive, and it would be great if we all had a happy life.

    We all make mistakes. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t, in any case. You’re still an okay person. You’re still a good person. You’re still valuable.

  7. Woops, my mistake :) I was the one who used the word “deserved”.

    Anyhow, hope you get my meaning. And mostly I hope you feel better about yourself.

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