is suicide really worth it?

April 17th, 2012 by Kitty Cat

Recently I left the hospital for a suicide attepmt because a while ago I fell in love with a wonderful girl, but then found out because of me her parents were hurting her so I figured; if I died her pain and suffering would disapear, but when I woke up in the hospital she was there by herself crying i thought it was me who caused her to be beat but she was in my hospital bed next to me I later found out she only allowed her parents to do that because she didnt want me to leave her alone in this world but when I tried to commit suicide she was so sad and affraid she would lose me forever so I apoligized to her then promised never again will I try to comit suicide again so that she wont be alone. So in reality suicide is something you dont want to try im still really sore and forever changed by my near death experience (there is more to the story i prefer not to disclose)

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  1. For you suicide is not worth it because you have reasons to be here.
    And that is a good thing.

    But for myself there is nothing in life I want and what I want I cannot have and I refuse to accept that so death is my only solution.

  2. hey you always have something but weather you see it or not is up to you i used to feel like you do now but then i just found people who accept me you can find someone and that one person is better than having no one

  3. That’s great that you don’t want to commit suicide anymore! But for me, people who say they are here for me leave me in my greatest time of need for them. Right now I have two people here that are my only reasons for staying alive, but some days they aren’t good enough reasons. Some people need suicide cause they don’t know what to do anymore.

  4. awwww im so sorry my girl is the only one i have left everyone else left me cause they found out about it didnt believe me then saw my wrists and her arms and so they believed me but left cause they dont like people like me but i feel you sometimes my girl isnt always enough to keep from thinking or trying to commit suicide for now i only have my music thats what gets me day by day and its beggining to scare those around me

  5. and i do understand some people feel alone but what they need to realize is if they feel alone they need to find someone like them and just talk it out

  6. I had nothing to get me through day by day and now Im getting worse by trying even worse things. I just have no one.

  7. Kitty Cat.
    I never wanted anyone.
    That is one of my problems.
    I need solitude.
    And that can only be gained in demise.

    Hope you have a wonderfuly future.

  8. I think we can all get through our suicidal feelings if we know how, I think there must be at least one thing that stops us no matter how low were feeling. But for some people they can just see NO escape and unfortunatley its so sad. I feel suicidal alot but i know how much pain it would cause my mam and dad.. I’d rather feel pain than them. So maybe its not worth it for me or for you.. but I guess some people see it as the only option.

  9. ya i know the only reason i talk to people i dont know is because i made a promise to a friend that i need to keep

  10. Kitty cat, I really need you to see that it was never your fault that her parents hurt her.
    It was the parents fault. They chose their actions and it sounds like they made a terrible choice. You two are lucky to have found each other, falling in love is truly one of life’s joys even when it leads to hurt in the end.

  11. well the only way to know if its worth it or not is to do it… that said ur fucked if it turns out not to be worth it, better off living in my opinion

  12. Well now i have no reason to live so im gone

  13. What happened? and ther is always something worth staying for, always

  14. mine will be .. f-ck being alive

  15. nothing ok

  16. Im here if u change ur mind

  17. oh haha

  18. ? Im serious

  19. … Ok Ok you had a girl bla bla bla…. I don’t want a girl/boy i want to die and nobody wants me (tried 4 times and im still alive so im going to do the 5th)

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