I need just one…

June 30th, 2012 by Earthshaker

I rigged my rope about an hour ago….in the front yard. I just need someone to say something nice to me before I leave.

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  1. Hello .
    how ever you think your problems are big .. just scroll down in this site and you will see there is people with bigger problems but they are still fighting .
    don’t do it just yet .
    did you try to actually solve your problems yet ? or you just surrendered ?
    try .. no matter how your problems are big .. there is people who lost their parents , people who lost their sons .
    i would like to have a chat with you before you do it . just give any way to contact you .. email maybe ?

  2. That isn’t the best place to do that. Seriously, the odds of someone finding you before you die are pretty damn high.

  3. AllI can Say is Dont do it. You can sit there and luagh at my pathetic try, but Im telling you now, dont do it. You have a mind right now, a life. This is the modern world where any one can start over. As long as you have hope. You know we all reach our bottom before reaching our best. This might be the lowest. This might be the worst part, and if you give up now youll kick youself in the face for not staying alive, and marrying that nice girl/guy in the future. Youll want to kick yourself for not staying long enough to see what you will become. So Dont do it. I am asking you this, from human to human, its not worth giving up. Besides who says there is a life after this? we only get one try. One. Dont do it, my fellow human.

  4. I agree. If anything, you’ll be sent to a hospital

  5. you’re not gonna do it.

  6. May your choice be the one that releaves your anguish, ………. is that kind enough.

  7. You can save 15% on your car insuance with one simple phone call.
    That’s pretty kind.

  8. If you do decide to kill yourself, fine. Your pain won’t die with you. It will just spread to the people who care about you. Your not alone here. There are so many people out there who love you and will be hurt greatly by your passing. I know the pains hard. It’s unbearable sometimes. But your better than that. Your stronger than that. Dont listen to the haters of the world that bring you down. The world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I’m sure you know that by now. It’s a hard and cruel place and it will beat you and pin you to the floor if you let it. But giving in to the pain is the lowest you can get in this world. You still got some fight let in you right? Then break free. Show this world that you are strong and that you are a fighter. There are some good songs I like to listen to when I feel as you do. The fighter by gym class Heroes. Very strong song. Syndicate by the fray. Helps me get threw the night. Fading by decyfer down. My personal favorite. Listen to these before you go. You can always result to killing yourself whenever, however you can NEVER go back once your gone. Email me at devinbelver@yahoo.com. I’m here to help :) and good luck

  9. Hey, hope you haven’t done it yet, Earthshaker. You’re probably pretty amazing and the world needs amazing people. As you can see, people are cruel.
    Don’t end it. As hypocritical as that’s going to sound, I bet you anything you’re better than a lot of people and you more than likely aren’t as cold-hearted. Be strong.

  10. TY venom18…. thats what I needed… I wish you well… Its my time.

  11. Good luck… :-)

  12. I might be too late or maybe not…which ever it may be I honestly can say that i wish you happiness. I don’t know what your life is like or what you been through…if you are still alive think it through, you know not just you escaping your life but try to think about the people around you. If your like me and have been let down by friends and family it will be hard to consider their feelings…hey you never know maybe tomorrow will be better..right? You never know what or who you may come across.

  13. You don’t tell someone good luck when they’re trying to kill themselves…

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