So sick of hiding

June 30th, 2012 by SomeoneIUsedToKnow

I go to my room when I’m anxious. Whenever people are around, I get anxious…I worry they hate me, that they’re constantly judging me. I love my boyfriend, and he’s trying to understand, but he just won’t stop being mean to me. I can’t take criticism. He’s so sick of it. I’m worried he’s about to give up on me. I just want to die, but no one would be able to take care of him if I weren’t around.¬†Codependency? I just want to escape my body. I feel so worthless. I feel subhuman…or if not, I feel like an invisible alien looking down at the train wreck that is my life.

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  1. Let me guess…you have above average intelligence, horrible abandonment issues and you feel like you don’t exist, when your boyfriend is not around. I’m not a councilor or a shrink. They would probably tell you that you have borderline personality disorder. There is a different way to go about things. I don’t offer religion, drugs or any other of man’s “crutches”…only truth.

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