July 31st, 2012 by Kristina

Please, if I may reach out to anyone that can help me. I have been cutting on my thighs, and scars remain there. My family has decided that we should go to the beach for the last bit of summer. I have a pool, but all I do to hide my scars is wear shorts. They think I’m weird for doing this, but do not question it.

I’m not sure if I can get away with shorts on the beach. I am not old enough to refuse the beach, nor go to a store to buy scar creme. If you are experienced with these matters, please tell me a way to dodge showing my scars. I know that cutting shouldn’t be the answer, but it’s the only way I can cope.

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  1. Will they force you to take your shorts off?

  2. You can dress to hide them as long as you aren’t swimming.

  3. Well you could say you have dry skin. It worked for me, I justified it by saying exposing my skin to the sun would cause my dry skin to become worse. Anyway, whatever you do just make sure it is convincing and not an obvious lie.

  4. Why you cuttin.? You feel ugly or been builed.? Why.?

  5. To exhausted24, I’m not compeletely sure, but I think they might.
    To donnieblackqwert, there are many reasons, but few are that I’m worthless, I am being bullied, and my so called ‘best friends’ abandoned me.
    Thanks to the suggestions, I’ll try to hide my scars.

  6. Never hide your scars. From on one. Stop bein stuiped

  7. Only if there out to get you.

  8. okay @donnieblackqwert I’ve seen you on here several times and always on things about cutting…. why are you being so mean to people who cut? It’s not something you should make fun of people for. And “stop being stupid” isn’t a helpful comment to somebody who is already feeling down on themselves

  9. Cause. Next Q

  10. So your post about cutting was being mean? Im sincerely asking

  11. Note: @ donnieblackqwert has internal issues

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