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So You want to end your life? Think there’s no hope, and you have nothing to live for? READ THIS…. Email me if you think differently , or just talk to me because I CARE , wether you believe it or not ♥

by alexaawearsprada


Before you decide to take your life, imagine who will find you. Imagine them walking into a room, and seeing you just hanging there. Whether it be your little sister, little brother, mother father, grandparents, a friend. Imagine what will happen when they find you. No, they will not say “Finally, they’re gone.” No, they will not say “I’m happy they did that.” No, they will not say “I never loved them anyways.” They will die. Their hearts will break. They will hurt, more than you ever could. They will cry, scream, and break down. They’ll believe it’s all just a dream, praying to wake up. Except, they won’t feel that for a few seconds, or a few days, not weeks, nor months. They will feel that until the day they die. Everyday will be hell. They’ll think of you ever second. They’ll hate themselves for not being able to help or save you. They’ll wish they could die too. They’ll want to give up, just to be with you. They won’t be ever be happy again. They won’t smile. They won’t go back to their daily routine. They’ll die every time they walk past your room, or see a picture of you, or think of a memory with you. They’ll think, but stay quiet. They’ll visit your grave, feeling a knife go through their chest every time. And every morning when they wake up, no matter how long it’s been, they’ll wake up to thinking they’ll see you, only to be let down once again. And every night, they will cry themselves to sleep, because even though they refuse to admit it, know you’re gone forever.Before you decide to take your life, think of your family, burying you. Yes, your own mother and father are planning your funeral. It’s supposed to be the other way around, but it’s not. They’ll have to call the cops, sign a death certificate, pick out clothing, buy a tomb stone, a casket, pick out flower arrangements, and more; All for their child’s funeral. The morning of your funeral, everyone who loves you is wearing black. Tears are streaming down their face, while their heart is breaking. Everyone who you thought didn’t need you, or didn’t care, are waiting in line to see you. They aren’t waiting in line at a party, or a graduation, or at a wedding reception. They’re waiting to see you, hands folded, lifeless, in a casket.Before you decide to take your life, think of everyone you will be hurting. Don’t you dare so no one, because absolutely everyone will be affected. Your grandparents, won’t have a grandchild anymore. Your parents, won’t have a child anymore. Your brother or sister, won’t have a sibling anymore. Your pet, won’t have an owner anymore. That person you sit next to in class, won’t feel your presence anymore. Your teacher, won’t have a student anymore. That time your grandparents told you no, will haunt them forever, thinking it is their fault, that you are now dead. That time your parents yelled at you, will haunt them forever, thinking if they didn’t yell at you, you would still be here. That time your sibling said they hated you, will hate themselves, because they believe you would still be alive if they said they loved you instead. Those kids who made you feel bad, will wish they were dead too, because if they just smiled at you instead, you would be here. That teacher that you didn’t meet her expectations, will feel like a failure, because you would still be here, if she believed in you. Everyone, who has ever been in your presence, will hurt, because if they showed you they cared, you would still be here.

Before you decide to take your life, think. Don’t just think of yourself, think of the consequences for everyone else. No one’s life will be the same again. That person who God made specially for you, won’t have you. That happiness that was waiting for you, will never show again. Before you decide to take your life, realize that you may be ending your pain, but you’ll be starting a lifetime of everyone elses.

If you are feeling alone, and think that suicide is the only way out:

My ask is open, and I’m always here. I’ll never judge you. I’ll try to help you.

Talk to me :/ if this makes you feel worse, please email me, im here and i CARE!! your a complete stranger but i care, and i’ve been exactly where you are, reach out to me :3 Please don’t give up hope

– I RECENTLY SAVED A YOUNG 32YR OLD WOMAN on here , and heres her story,


I can help and im here.. i never left her, and i’ll never leave you, no matter how many times you push me away, i’m always here!

If you live by yourself, or your in a situation where your parents or anyone doesn’t care, I DO.  Talk to me


I LOVE YOU <3 please don’t give up


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NeverPerfect 7/9/2012 - 3:12 am

Thanks for the thought, and for the attempt to save us. I know you had good intentions, but now I just feel guilty and hopeless.
I’ve been thinking about suicide for a long time. I have no immediate plans, but it’s always a choice. That’s my comfort: if everything goes wrong, it’s always a choice.
You’ve made me reconsider giving myself that choice.
And you’ve made me feel guilty for everything that could happen, everything that almost happened last year (if only I hadn’t wussed out and told my mom to take me to the hospital)
I. HATE. Hurting. People. So thinking about what would happen if I killed myself now makes me feel horrible.
But I’m tired of hurting.

muspelhem 7/9/2012 - 6:47 am

Beautiful pic.

action 7/9/2012 - 7:47 am

Sometimes I just don’t understand… Why should they be sad when they know that the person that killed themselves will be happy??? Otherwise they’re just killing them more slowly and more painfully if they try and keep them here! I get that sometimes its for the greater good that they stay on th earth but sometimes theres just no point. Sorry for the negativity

darkwillow 7/9/2012 - 9:52 am

You’ll be amazed at how many people I’ve sent the link of this post to 🙂

the Guardian 7/9/2012 - 10:03 am

Submitted on 2012/07/04 at 11:23 pm
I have seen this long post about thinking of everyone else a few times on here.
I love the passionate appeal to reaching out and finding hope.
I think we all need hope at points in our lives.

I worry that if we tell suicidal people to “think of those who will find you” that it can create more guilt for the suicidal person and those feelings of guilt can create more stress and could make someone even more suicidal.

Remember; events create thoughts create feelings create crisis create events….

Sometimes suicidal people do not have anyone worthy of saving themselves for.

Sometimes parents are abusive
Sometimes no one else actually cares if someone suicides
Sometimes there is no funeral, no tears, no grief

And sometimes, suicidal people actually want exactly what you are telling them to fear;
Sometimes they kill themselves hoping to inflict as much pain on their family and friends as possible.

Sometimes in our desire to “save someone” we may make promises, but we must be careful to never make a promise we cannot keep!

We must always be careful how we frame our pleas to those ideating suicide.
We must seek to find resources where they may be none, to create connections where there may be none. Sometimes the best strength we can find lies within a person, as no one else in their circl of family and friends actually cares enough.

Suicide prevention is a lot like first aid, we want to make things better without causing more harm.

Thank you for caring so much!

OM shanti

Dawg 7/9/2012 - 10:58 am

“Your pet, won’t have an owner anymore.”

people will eventually understand/rationalize … pets don’t – it’s petty much the only thing that keeps me topside – and yes I “thought” about it. Long and hard – still do.

While this pleading request i laudable and valiant … i still see it as a self serving, “throw everything at the wall to see what sticks” and if all else fails … burden hurting people with added guilt to make them “stick around” by forcing a catch-22 decision.

Every single potential suicide is a unique situation – there are very few, if any, blanket generalizations that will ‘fit” the majority.

if you read this thread, and got this far – pay particular attention to “the Guardian” – now THAT is the REAL deal 😉

unedited dawg

truthbetold 7/9/2012 - 12:05 pm

if the guilt trips prevent someone from committing suicide, it’s -my opinion- the person didn’t really want to die in the first place

Dawg 7/9/2012 - 12:23 pm

Maybe not … but being guilted into doing something certainly doesn’t make them feel very good or proud or thankful they made the choice … it’s the worst of both worlds … now their pain hasn’t been abated and now they feel even worse about it only adding to the pain that brought them to the precipice in the first place … this is precisely the catch-22 i spoke of – eventually all that will happen is the pain/guilt will outweigh the will to live … no different than saying to a person who is starving themselves to lose weight, ‘you have GOT to eat – so eat fried foods or go to mcdonalds” yes – they’re eating … but they still have the original problem and now it is getting worse.

I someone wants to die … I’m relatively “OK” with letting them go if it’s a well thought out rational decision … I know what my threshold is and my criteria … and no amount of guilt will change that … nor will a blanket generalization which only comes off as disingenuous … I don’t really believe anyone truly “wants” to die anyway … but it beats the alternative.

what do I know …

old foolish dawg

birthright 7/9/2012 - 1:05 pm

if you are to live you need to live for yourself.

kindalostkid 7/10/2012 - 9:09 am

If these people cared wouldn’t they have done something before its to late..sometimes people hide their emotions really well like I do u wouldn’t be able to notice some people r really depressed, but someone would have to see their not ok and start wondering what’s wrong instead of just sitting there thinking nothing of it.

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