dying inside

September 30th, 2012 by katiebear12

im dying inside… everyday in the pain i face… but its not enough to kill me… i’ve tried but i can never do it and i scare myself so much trying to hold on to what i have… my problem isn’t that im not loved because i know i am… i couldn’t stand causing someone to go through the pain i am… but yet i cling to that one option and i don’t want to do it… but its my only way out now

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  1. You are loved, KB. The only way out, is in time.

  2. same here i dont want to hurt you but life turns to be too hard. Just last as long as you can. Don’t close yourslef up or else you will end up…

  3. id rather not talk to anyone anymore… it woudl be so much easier for me and for them… they won’t get too attached to me

  4. Too late. I remember you. :) … and your pain

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