Give me a reason to live

September 30th, 2012 by eplurubusunum


My clock is ticking already.  My mum’s abuse is finally too much.  It’s been too much, I’ve just been clinging to the hope that it’ll all go away. But it’s not. Hopefully by tomorrow I won’t be here to bug anyone with my sh*t anymore.  No one will have to deal with me. Not you guys, not the people who usually have to deal with it. I’ll be gone. I wish I’d come here sooner. Maybe I’d be stronger than I am.


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  1. No one else can give you a reason to live; only you can do that. It sounds like something may of just happened, capricious suicide attemps usually end in failure. What is it your mother has done to you? Can you not hold out until you leave home?

  2. Hang in there honey talk to me if you need to let it all out write down your emotions do something positive you’ll feel a little calmer in the morning

  3. The reason I can think of is the hope that things will change once you make your own life according to your own rules and decisions. I was suicidal many times in my teens but I stock around and things did get MUCH better when I set sail.

  4. Your reason should be the fact that youve come this far already and that all that you have already endured would have been for nothing, dont let it be for nothing. Keep that as your strength, I know its easy to say when your on the outside but the only reason im telling you this is because I believe. and i want you to believe. bottom line is you are the master of your own life and taking it seens as if you are taking control but dont just seem like you taking control , TAKE CONTROL now by believeing in yourself and find outlets to expresss yourself, kimmm’s got a idea about writing, when u write jus raw emotions you feel beter, write to yourself, write to the people that hurt you, write to us. but most importantly write to your future self and tell your furture self everyhing youd like to be different. Believe! I am there for you. Hope this helps

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