incoherent thoughts somehow forming sentences

September 30th, 2012 by holdingOn

some may say that this is a selfish thought- I honestly don’t know- or maybe I just don’t care…

I don’t think that i should have to hide these cuts, or even the scars. I shouldn’t have to lie about my depression, or be pressured to ‘fake it’ through everyday. I shouldn’t have to hide the fact that I finally found something to make the pain go away.
self-mutilation isn’t a problem as long as I control it right? I’ve got a problem & the blade is my solution

I am a selfish bitch- I make life miserable for everyone around me, and I just can’t stop fucking shit up….

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  1. I hate when people see my cuts. I don’t think you should have to hide them either though. Just personally I don’t feel strong enough to let others see them.
    If people close to you try make a big deal about it….I mean, well here: once two of my friends saw my cuts and they were all “woah what was that!?!? what the hell???” I told them it was my cat, I’m pretty sure they didn’t believe it though. I said that just because my own weakness but I wish I had been like “yeah well you guys are shitty friends and this makes me feel better so screw what you think.”

    It would be hippo-critical for me to say cutting is bad.
    It would also be hippo-critical for me to say I doubt you make life miserable for those around you.

    I completely understand both those feelings, I have them myself. But I will say I wish you didn’t feel that way…if that makes any sense. Anyway, I can relate and I think if it helps you than you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide them.

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