no reason

September 30th, 2012 by lamarcell

normal people me
a cutting tool a cutting tool

same thing right…. nope for normal people the ending result is chopped food
for me the ending result is becoming a circus attraction we people look at me

this week the girl i loved started to fall for someone else….
then this girl i liked told me if i wanted to solve me suicide problem to kill myself
my mom had sex with an ex when me and my friends were in my room
i’ve been suicidal since my dad died in January of this year
people always say they can relate but they can’t

some days i come home and say to myself i’ll kill myself later and never do
sometimes my friends stop me…. i have now reason to live or a purpose

why should i live……..

answer: there is no reason

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  1. I understand the feeling saying I’ll kill myself later and never doing it.My feeling might be different though in that I often feel so helpless it just seems like too much effort to do anything about it.For a long time my only hope of not killing myself was my apathy. It’s weird to have something like laziness be whats keeping me alive…I hate when people say shit like this but….at least you got your friends right?~Anyway, your post spoke to me a bit, thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry. That’s rough. There will be other girls, hold on and give yourself a chance

  3. Your welcome and im glad you can somewhat relate now I don’t feel so alone

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