October 2nd, 2012 by oemh

SO IM THE GIRL WHO¬† everyone sees laughing and smiling and looks lke she perfect. but im not at all i have a d+ in social and a c in choir my brother was on the honor roll all of his year of juinoir high and is still on it in highschool. my “bestfriend” said that we werent friend any more because she likes someone but they like me and she started a rumor saying that i had sex with him like serously people come on ima seventh grader here! ive been deppressed on adn off for a bout 2 years but last summer(2011) it got really bad and the worst part was that my parents didnt even notice i remebered days that i would cry all day long and not eat. im tired of trying to act perfect im soo done with life im gonna flunk anyway you know why??? because im the skanier little whore whos so dumb she got a c in choir and whos bestfriend called her a slut! while everyone was watching and thanks soooooo much because that made me feel perfect you know because ur the skinny blonde one who getts everything she wants!:”””’( PLEASE HELPP!! IM SO CLOSE T OENDING MY LIFE IVE TRIED BEFORE BUT I COULDNT GO THROUGH WITH IT WAS LIKEA BATLLE BETWEEN MY MIND AND HEART PLEASSE. I COOULD DO IT REALLY FAST AND NOT FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL

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  1. You still have a chance to improve yourself because you are young.

  2. Wow like the guy above said your to young for this shit. I personally don’t like to tell people not to commit suicide because it bothers me do much when others do it to me but ya I’m pretty sure you still have a lot of growing up to do. Wait till your a senior in high school then decide, thats what i did.

  3. I first realized I was depressed my 7th grade year and back then I thought things couldn’t get any worse. That was 7 years ago. I like to think there is a reason we are all on this site instead of killing ourselves right now. A part of you still wants to live and knows you can be happy again. Our peers are terrible. It seems no one is happy these days and we all decide to take it out on each other. That girl who called you a slut, she’s not your friend. The posters on here, we’re your friends, and we are here for you. People will say what they will say and unfortunately we can’t always stop them. I’m not going to tell you not to do it, if you feel 110 percent that it is the right thing to do, then you should. BUT if any part of you still wants to live, still hopes to one day be happy again, then don’t do it. Vent on here as much as you need. Life isn’t about what grade you have in choir, how you compare to your sibling, or what your peers say. Life is about wanting to live and discovering the thing that keeps you going. There’s happiness hidden in you somewhere. As far as you being “young,” I think we all know depression doesn’t care what age you are, we all still “have a chance to improve” ourselves, doesn’t always mean we care enough to do so.P.S. Looking back in hindsight I wish I would have told my parents.

  4. okay i am only on this website to help people out because i care about people… ive gotten called those names before and had rumors like that im no longer friends with my bestfriend there for i know that she is not a true friend by the way she acts your not a whore so dont say you are a whore is someone who sells ther body off ppl for money and a slut is someone who sleeps with other guys if you want your parents to notice you need to talk to them and my brother had good grades now he goes to collage at ames.. he was in the honor role since the 7th grade all the way to 12th! no ones perfect and dont let people break you dowwn stand up to people and show them who’s boss you need to confront people and tell them how you feel not hide your emotioins. everyone makes mistakes people are just critics. you can never please society.

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