I really need someone to talk to

November 30th, 2012 by dudeme65

Please. I just need someone to talk to. If you live around the Toronto area please message me.

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  1. Dear dudeme65,

    I am here to listen. Please tell me what you want to talk about. I live in Minnesota and I have been through a lot in my life at the age of 63…soon to be 64.

    A little about myself: I attempted suicide 4 years after my oldest son did the same at the age of 26. I lost my 2 closest friends in the Vietnam war. My wife of 29 years is dying of cancer…she is the love of my life. Both of my parents have passed in the last 9 years. I have experienced cancer and many other problems, but I’m still here.

    You sound like you are at a desperate point and I would love to hear what you have to say. I really do care, so tell me.

  2. i live in carthage texas but ill still tlk to you?

  3. I’m far away… but maybe I can help, reply :)

  4. I’m also far away in the States, but message me or email me and we can chat =].

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