March 8th, 2013 by WhoAmI

The girl that’s been my bestfriend for 4 years is now talking to my rapist. She’s the one that told me he could burn in hell…and now they’re talking. I don’t even think I can begin to explain how I feel. I feel betrayed…I feel like I can’t have any friends. Her and another girl were pretty much the only people I trusted..now she’s talking to him and the other one is talking to the guy that calls me awful names.
Where’s my justice…where’s my hope.
Where the fuck is karma?

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  1. There is a greater judge that awaits the f-tard that violated you. As for your “friend” that would then befriend a rapist – i am sorry – my brain can not comprehend how anyone would even look at a rapists without wanting him dead.

    Sorry that your ex-friends are so dense. Sorry that you were violated, sorry that the creature tha violated you is still breathing…..

    But do not beat yourself up. You are the only one in that group that is worth anything.


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