the most painful suicide

July 25th, 2013 by Melissa Suicidal

I want to feel I’m punishing myself, I feel like this since I was teenage. looking for the most painful methods, hate life, hate myself, planning attempting.
I want to shoot the point between my breasts, aim to my heart, I could shoot my stomach first just for pain. if I didnt die, I’d shoot my heart.the point

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  1. You dont want the most painful methods….thats not punishment thats torture…..shooting yourelf in the heart may be very painful why would you want that? there are painless methods out there that dont require a lot of money to acquire…. chloroform, carotid compression, charcoal….there are other ways. I want to commit suicide as well but I dont want to torture myself on the way out

  2. Surprisingly, I felt the same way when I was suicidal as a teenager. If I was going to do it, at least I was going to be a “man” about it. If you want to punish yourself, go run for a mile until you are out of breath or do something constructive. I hope that you decide to live. I did :)

  3. I bet feet-first into a wood-chipper would be far worse than a body bullet. Although i suppose that’s more “terror” than “pain.” It would probably end faster, too, so… i guess you have to weigh severity versus duration. “Most painful” could mean the thing that hurts the longest, instead of the thing that hurts the most intensely.

    In that case, death by eternal broken heart, would probably be the worst way to go. That usually includes gradually failing health and all sorts of complications which cause perpetual pain and discomfort, and continuously decrease and ultimately eliminate the ability to recover.

    I once read about someone who wanted to try to die of dehydration. Talk about “being a man about it.” Refusing sustenance until death, has got to be quite brutal.

    I’ve always personally preferred the idea of quickest, least painful, most reliable and effective. Hugging a nuke, or something. Instant incineration/disintegration would be quite good i think.

    I think i would like to choose to live differently, rather than to die intentionally. But i guess we can’t always get what we want.

    I would suggest some self-love and pampering. Do whatever makes you feel good, and don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t. Consider seeking something that makes you feel good over extended periods of time, but perhaps to a lesser degree, rather than something that feels great for a few moments, but fades too quickly and isn’t reliably attained.

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