Not really sure what to do

November 15th, 2013 by frodobaggins1246

Hey everyone, Frodo here (for those wondering, no that isn’t my real name, though it’d be pretty cool if it was). I don’t really know what this site is for, as I found it while searching up how painful it is to overdose (apparently very painful). ┬áBut I decided to register because I thought someone here might be able to help me. I just can’t take any more of my life. I know it sounds insanely selfish, but I just don’t want to live anymore. I feel incredibly weak for having these feelings, as I see people who have much worse lives than me be able to push through, but I just really can’t. I have no close friends, so no one I an turn to. I’m not close with any of my family either. I just don’t know what to do. My life just feels like an endless pit of despair. I don’t have any real friends, I have huge amounts of pressure put on me by my parents, my dad does a job that I’m ashamed of (not going to say) and I just have no drive for life, no passion for anything. And I know what you’re going to say “go out and join something that you enjoy” but that’s the thing, it’s gotten to a point where I just don’t want to do anything. I’m so scared that I’m going to fail at it. I’ve even started staying home “sick” from school because I was too scared of the pressure of it all. I know it probably sounds like I’m just a lazy kid who wants to give up, and I probably am, but I just want help. And if it matters, I’m a fifteen year old guy from Ottawa.



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  1. You should talk with a trusted adult. A counselor, perhaps.

    • The problem is, I don’t have any trusted adults in my life. And I don’t feel comfortable going to a counsellor, as I really don’t want anyone to know about this. I just want it to end

  2. You are not selfish and you are not alone in your feelings, Frodo. I would venture to say that millions of young people feel just like you do. So much undo pressure is on people to ‘succeed,’ be perfect; but the best is to be the best ‘you’ are, not be judged by someone else’s standards.

    I could say so much more. I’ve been there, and I’ve made it to my ‘golden years,’ age 69. I’ve written a novel about a suicidal girl and hope to have it available on Amazon sometime next spring.

    Can you perhaps talk to a family doctor?

    Sending love and understanding,

  3. Its possible to get into this situation easily from events beyond your control. Yes, some of us just “get nailed” with crap. Try being married to a woman for 14 years who never really loved you, will find out you are sick, and not even see you in the hospital. Nevermind the stress of the divorce. I dont have any close friends, only my mom as family. I can’t burden her with too much because of her health, so Im basically alone.

    These are things no doctor can cure.

    For me, its my responsibility to take care of her while I can, then once I’m REALLY alone, I’ll end it once and for all.

    You still have your life ahead of you.

    At your age, so many things will change for you over time.

    I wish I had your “position” because you have opportunity. Mine is lost. I know my future.

  4. Talk to your parents about being “sad” and go to the Dr. Try at least a few things before giving up. You have not a lot to lose except a bit more misery, but if you don`t try you’ll never know. You don`t need to tell us what you’re father`s job is but I`ve had some pretty bad ones and at least his trying to provide for his family.

  5. Frodo, if you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have everything in your life fixed, what would you see?

  6. I don’t know who told you that drug overdose is “very painful,” but that really depends on the drug. Sleeping pills used to be the least painful way to do yourself in back when you could buy barbiturates (with a prescription). But modern sleeping pills are almost all benzodiazepines (Valium, etc) or Z-drugs (like Ambien). These have been formulated to make a fatal overdose very difficult – people have swallowed over 100 pills and survived. But mixed with certain other drugs and alcohol, can still be fatal, and probably painless.

    Narcotic drugs like heroin are pretty effective, also probably painless, but now we’re talking about something illegal. I’ve had two friends die from heroin overdose, but I’m not sure if they intended suicide.

    Certain tranquilizers and other drugs can be easily fatal on overdose, but these are actually very painful from what I’ve heard (kills you by destroying your liver, or something like that). Accidental fatal overdoses of tranquilizers are common.

    I’m not intending this post to be a “how-to.” Just letting you know some of what I’ve learned about fatal overdose. Anyone going this route needs to choose carefully. You could wind up suffering liver damage (but not dying), or if illegal drugs, in jail. Whatever you decide, pay attention to details.

  7. I’m the same way. Not only do I not care, but I’m not worried about me not caring. It has become my reality. 16 years old and I’ve already given up on life. I feel numb. As for any help for you, music has been my one gray spot in a world of darkness. Some people will tell you one day you’ll find something, or something will happen to you that will suddenly make you feel like life is completely worth living, but in my experience at least, it’s not true. Honestly, the only “help” I can give you is to say that you can talk to people who understand, and realizing that the you you know is different from the version of you everyone else sees.

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