My Story – Survivor of Suicide

December 11th, 2013 by Ashton

Hey everyone! I’m 16 years old, and have struggled with clinical depression, anxiety, and self harm for quite a while. I turned to drugs and started heavily using in order to cover up the pain in my life. I was stuck in an abusive relationship that I kept trying to make work, but never succeeded. My life got so bad, that every day and every night would be spent crying and self harming. It relieved that pain for just a little while, but of course it didn’t last for long. A little over a month ago, I couldn’t take the pain of my life anymore and attempted to take my own life. I overdosed on a bottle of my anti-depressants. I was hospitalized, where I had seizures among many other problems, and almost died from the overdose of medication. The doctors have told me it is a miracle that I am still alive and here today. Three days later I was taken to a mental hospital where I stayed for 8 days and worked on getting better. This experience completely changed my life, and changed the way that I look at things. I know how difficult it can be to have to deal with depression and constant suicidal thoughts, and I want to help other people (especially teens) who have the same problems. I want to help change kid’s lives… Those who struggle with the same problems I do. And help parents and family members who have a loved one with these issues, or have lost a loved one due to suicide. If anyone ever needs to talk  I’m always here (:

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  1. You sound pretty intelligent for 15 years old.

    Miracles do happen.

    Somehow I survived being face down in water for 1.5 hours, that after taking 30 Ambiens (the night my wife left me).

    Im glad you are here.

    Lots of good folks here.

  2. Thanks! But wow, that’s crazy. Pretty intense stuff right there:/ And I’m glad that you’re here!

  3. That is a worthy goal. Good luck.

  4. I will add, Ashton, that for someone who takes seriously the goal you claim, you will have significant and challenging work ahead. You, also, will need help and your commitment to the goal is really a commitment to receiving this help. All the best.

  5. Hope this positive attitude continues, even though you passed through a lot already, you´re just too young.

    the noly thing i can write to you is: YOU´RE JUST TOO YOUNG.

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