Drinking to talk

January 17th, 2014 by ravanys

I notice of myself that I need alcohol in order to be honest with people I talk to..

I even find it difficult to express myself on SP without being drunk. Like right now , I’m surrounded by 6 empty bottles of beer.
How do you guys do it? be honest with people, either here or in real life?
I’ve lost the skill, but I’m paranoid so it’s probably something to do with that

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  1. Treat people with respect. Start with that.

    Be yourself, whatever that is.

    Dont fake anything. Most people will see you are right away, and those who dont will find out later, and you will be hurt.

    Be interesting. Must be something about you that is different about anyone else. For me it is my treasure hunting and the videos I produce.

    You dont need beer or alcohol.

    Most of the better friends you an make out there will actually run from someome who drinks a lot (I know I would).

    Hope that helps.

  2. The thing is, I do all those things, I treat people with respect ( if they treat me with respect that is) I am myself, I don’t generally fake things , I am very different (maybe too much).
    I only drink when I’m not around people, when I can close myself of from everything around me.
    Perhaps I’m just too fucked up to be related too :)

  3. did i read somewhere else on here you have a boyfriend?

    There is always someone messed up more than any one of us, so thats not a reason.

    My limitation is that I currently have to learn things all over again (like dating).

    You also have to remember that a lot of people these days are shallow and self centered, and unfortunately unless they can see a “use” for someone else, they don’t bother.

    Its how it is.

    I dont see you being alone forever. Just keep going, someone will come along (friend or otherwise).

  4. Had a girlfriend yes, (I’m male, don’t worry, I’m a long haired metal head, I’m used to dealing with being confused as a girl)
    Never learned how to date so I kind off know the feeling, tho losing a wife is just absolutely devistating I’d immagine :(
    I agree most people are shallow and selfcentered, most of my friends are, but at least I realise and don’t put any real faith in them.

    I hope I won’t be alone forever, I’m really bad at dealing with being alone :/

  5. Cut the drinking. Drinking only brings a bad crowd. I can tell you I wouldn’t bother with a drinker, friend or otherwise.

    I didnt know if you were m or f, but thanks for clarifying.

    The loss of my wife…… only hard in that I stand to lose a lot of material things, even more so than I already have,

    BUT, that piece of shit was a cheater, liar, and a horrid person to be around. I lost my friends and also my mind (to a certain degree) being with her.

    Im not sorry she is gone, not at all. The house remains empty, but I know it won’t be forever.

    Try a dating site. Sometimes they work, lots of scammer on there though.

    After my wife left me, I was thrown into that world wen I thought I would never be there again.

    You are young too. I am 47, although now I am having more hope in the future due to some recent developments.

    I doubt you will be alone unless you let the drinking become the norm for you. In that case, you likely will. I dont want to see that for you.

  6. You’re right, I should cut back on the drinking. It’s the easy way out for me and it shouldn’t be. I should get my shit together. thanks for pointing that out to me!

    As for your ex wife, I’m sorry she did those things and hurt you in the process. I hope you get better, I wish that for you :) and thank you again, you’re right.

  7. Thanks bro. I wish the best for you.

    One thing I have learned, when it comes down to it all, only you can take care of yourself.

    Chat with me anytime.

    Write me too if you like FLwaterguy99 (at) g mail (dot) com.

  8. I’ll take you up on that offer, you seem like a wise man from whom I can learn a lot :)

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