January 17th, 2014 by 1298

is shit




people are so obsessed with the dumbest fucking things

i am going hiking, i am going to find a cave, and i am going to stay there.


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  1. Funny you say that… About hiking.
    I hear leaving your life behind and taking a long hike can be a life changing experience. You have to prepare ahead of time because you have to mail supply drops to every place you will stop along the way. I’m going to do it.
    Look up the Pacific Coast Trail, or the PCT.

  2. im actually planning a diff hike in europe soon… but thanks for the suggestion. i have no idea if i’ll come back at the end yet. what if in leaving, i forget how shit everything is in normal daily bullshit, and then i decide to try it again, only to realize that nothing has changed and i’m still miserable? hmmm idk. we will see, i suppose

  3. He he he… Nothing to do but find out!!

    Cheryl Strayed wrote a book about her similar hike… Called “wild”. Maybe it would help you prepare.
    I hear good boots are a must… Lol. Cheryl ended up barefoot for awhile. Lol

    Just take this tip: Forget everything else, but leave your heart wide open on the trail with the folks you meet. Live, love and have fun.

  4. I did that on the Appalachian trail, and not a day goes by that I regret coming back. Stupid civilization is for the dogs.

  5. You could always wear a hide and impersonate bigfoot. Lol

  6. Ug not have big feet. Ug have club. Ug!

  7. Um… just don’t use the club on the female hikers. It doesn’t work that way anymore, Ug. You have to be nice and take them to an Italian restaraunt. :-)

  8. lol what the hell. glad to see i’m not alone i guess?

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