Maybe Someday?

January 17th, 2014 by sweetmorhea

I have worked so hard to break away from all the bad, I’ve picked myself up from almost homelessness, and now rent a beautiful home, and have several amazing career jobs – all at 20 years old. I have what I wanted.

And yet, I still feel so blah. so lost in a way.. Like everything I am doing is for nothing.

How do i get my heart to agree with my brain.

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3 Responses to “Maybe Someday?”

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  1. All those things are nice to have… But the richest folks in the world would tell you it doesn’t make you happy. I know, right? I have never been rich and it seems to me I can think of some things to do with the dough that would make me happy… Lol

    Happiness resides in who and how you share your life and love.

  2. I feel you a lot. I achieved so many greats things too. Some things that I really wanted, some things that was supposed to make me happy. I’ve known a lot of great people and experienced true love and had good friends.

    Yet.. This emptiness. It just stays there. I don’t know how to get rid of this. I’m still trying.

  3. At this point, happiness probably resides within your mind. Maybe you have to discover a comforting bridge between reality and your brain.

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