January 17th, 2014 by lorax

My internet got turned off, as well as my cell service. Luckily, I had some tools laying around to decrypt WPA passphrases, so I be back! Did everybody miss me?

EDIT: I’m probably only back online until the power gets shut off, which might happen in the next few days. Damned utilities are evil.

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  1. We are too busy urinating on the wall!
    Lol :-)

  2. To stay out of trouble, an adapter to pick up unsecured signals from far away is better.
    There are some nice ones on eBay for sale. Some pick up over a 5 mile radius. Just a tip.

  3. Nope. didnt miss you :)

  4. I have a high-gain adapter already, but everyone in my vicinity uses encryption (either WEP or WPA – WPA is closer to me). But I’m doing them a service by removing the malware from their routers and filtering malware traffic for them. :P I should go knock on the dude’s door and demand he pay me $50 for it.

  5. Heya. That sucks. I can’t pay my cell phone bill in time this month, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I can go up to $300 over before they shut it off, however.

    WiFi, yeah, I can’t depend on that much. The only WiFi I get here is shit, but at least it works sometimes. I wouldn’t be able to stream/download anything or listen to music otherwise, so some WiFi is better than none.

  6. The wifi I’m on right now has a reasonable enough bandwidth and it’s reliable enough. Right now I’m averaging about 250 kps down and 150 kps up. My home internet service is about 1mb down and 500kps up, but beggars can’t be choosers. lol

  7. Yeah… I wish I knew how to hack into the neighbours. Then again, the signal might not carry over. I’m not sure.

    I got a tax return from the government today for $66. This isn’t going to pay my phone bill or much of anything else. What should I spend it on? Booze? I’ve been sober for two weeks and it’s killing me. Maybe I should get a bottle of whiskey. Gin & Tonics would be nice too.

  8. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to break into wifi networks that use WPA2-PSK – mostly due to the PSK bit at the end. Also, WEP is easy. Just need the proper tools and a bit of free time to occupy with learning how to use them. I find a good book is also useful as those tools take a whole bunch of time to run. I was reading this book called, “Forbidden Knowledge, from Prometheus to Pornography,” by Roger Shattuck. I managed to get halfway through it before I had restored connectivity. lol.. within its pages, I learned the origin of the word, “agnostic,” and picked up on a few historical literary titles I’d like to check out next. Haven’t made it to the part on pornography, though. I’m sure that’ll be interesting.

    I think you could probably pick up at least 2 cans of unicorn meat with $66 – they sell it on Amazon.com and I hear it’s fantastic.

  9. Do you know of any particular apps I could download to my android phone to help in this matter? I have ‘Droid Command,’ ‘Fing,’ ‘Port Scanner,’ ‘Wake on LAN.’ I’m not sure if these do any good or what.

    Hehe. Unicorn meat. I’d feel so guilty though. They’re too pretty to eat. Maybe I’ll pick up some octopus instead.

  10. lorax old chap

    i’ve been wondering where you’ve been at

    i send you a virtual plate of green eggs as a welcome back gift :-)

  11. I dunno, I can only really speak to using a linux system on a laptop, or a desktop with a wireless dongle. So long as you can boot it to disk, the rest is cake (provided the wifi adapter has a corresponding driver, which seems to be hit-or-miss).

    If you do get some octopus, make sure its reproductive organs have been removed. I dunno if it works the same way for octopi as it does for squid, but I read an article a while back on some lady who was eating squid sushi in Korea, and it laid eggs in her mouth or some crazy nonsense like that. O.O Turned me off to the whole idea of sushi rather quickly, lol

  12. Hey it’s the Dude! Do you remember me? I have a new name.

    @Lorax Hmm. I’ll try Linux on my computer then. Er… I’m not really sure how to go about this but maybe I can find some pointers online.

    Deceased squids that lay eggs? That… uh. Sounds pleasant.

  13. I think it was sashimi rather than sushi – not deceased squid, but freshly-plucked-from-the-water-squid. lol

    Try Backtrack linux, if you can snag a copy of it and burn it to disk. That has all the tools one might need included.

  14. Yeech. Ok. Thanks for the warning. (I still like sushi though.)

    Backtrack Linux. Alright, I’ll look for that.

  15. You should look into acquiring or fabricating one of those magnetic generators…

    Also, backtrack has become Kali. Look into Kali. Their site is nicer and has better tutorials than most other distros i’ve investigated.

  16. Kali won’t even boot properly on my laptop and I gave up trying to make the damn thing work. lol.. BT3 works a lot more easily than BT5 does for me – I have to stay in a shell prompt with BT5 because the graphics driver hangs my system when i startx. Plus it uses that stupid annoying new version of xorg that hides the configuration files in obscure locations and has no configuration scripts… ugh, but BT5 is the only version that has the tools necessary for WPA cracking – I can’t get them to even try to run on BT3. Stupid technology.

  17. I was thinking about running some kind of scam to snag some bulk solar panels from a battery shop – I worked at one of those shops about 12 years ago and we used to get Nigerians emailing us, trying to scam us out of solar panels all the time. I bet I could do it better than they did. The big problem is that I would have a hard time justifying that activity as ethical.. Hrm…

  18. Huh. Well, depending on your setup, you might have to use a different bootloader or something. I’ve noticed some significant shifts and “restructuring” in the *nix world lately. Rapid and sweeping fundamental changes, i guess to keep up with newer hardware…

    I have a dual-gpu card, and neither nouveau nor official nvidia drivers will work properly (nouveau doesn’t work at all, X never starts, blank screen… nvidia drivers won’t use 2nd gpu, but works fine otherwise… or did), so when i was trying to fix that, i rambo’d something somewhere and broke my xconf, somehow… and i don’t remember what i did, couldn’t find useful help, and haven’t reinstalled it yet.

    I haven’t tried any of the other distros i’ve grabbed. I wanted to make a multi-distro usb installer and dedicate a whole old drive to multiple distros (3, technically, since you can’t have more than 4 physical partitions on a “legacy” drive, and 1 would be dedicated swap…), but got confused, then got discouraged, then got depressed. The last thing i did was trying to find which setting i borked, in which file, and trying to learn how to use nano/pico, to edit files in console mode. At some point i realized it would be better to just reinstall it, but i never got around to it. So now i’m booting windows from grub for no reason. lol.

  19. With linux, I will forever maintain a minimalist perspective – simple is better. And not in the sense of a bloated, over-simplistic GUI, either. I <3 me a good command prompt. lol

    But yeah, the developers have been making sweeping changes to the structure and form of the system, and not all of those changes make sense in the least bit. It's definitely frustrating.

  20. I think you might like crunchbang (basically debian lite, w/ openbox and… uh… it’s been a while… but it’s all about minimalism, and typically runs quite well on older hardware). Should be a new version pretty soon…

  21. I started into the linux world using Ubuntu, then switched it up to Gentoo to get some experience with custom system-building and compiler optimizations. It’s been a damn long time since I’ve played with linux on any sustained basis though. lol… I’m lucky I can remember how to use bash. Debian’s always seemed kllunky to me – same with all its variants (Ubuntu, as well). I mean, it’s too modular. There’s not enough fluidity or customization you can easily do. Plus, it’s not gentoo, so you can’t just run emerge somecraphere and let it compile for a while and get hypnotized by the flow of obscene amounts of text. Haha..

  22. i never became the linux guru i intended to become. I’ve been interested for many years, dabbled here and there, but always too distracted and disrupted by everything else. I think it would be easier if i had two separate systems and a kvm switch, that way i would be able to search/find/read/apply docs, without all the reboots (because VMs are still a foreign concept to me). I’m sort of working on that 2 system thing… but i still need a case and a kvm switch. Or i might just ebay my remaining parts and attempt to correct my terribad (un)ergonomics with a new desk and chair. It’s hard to stay focused with your nerves and joints screaming at you. Thought about going the standing-desk route, but it’s either too expensive or too much hassle to move a table-type-thing around, each time you want to switch between sitting/standing.

    And of course… all this makes me want to just sell it all at a loss, and go live in the woods, or something. It would be awesome if i could live in the woods, AND have a house and computers… but it’s looking like an either/or situation. :P

  23. If you do want to become a linux guru, still, the absolute best advice I can offer is to tinker with gentoo and stubbornly refuse to give up until you have a working system built. :D It’s complicated but forgiving – the scripts do all the work of configuring packages to compile, and then compiling them, leaving you the freedom to play with cflag settings and see the inner-workings of a stage 1-3 installation (compilation to integration). Plus, building custom kernels with gentoo is a breeze. The gentoo handbook has all the information necessary to get there, unless your compiler breaks or you have hardware that’s not workable from the default system configurations, but those problems aren’t too hard to handle so long as you can get a working net connection and peruse the forums.

  24. @rfb

    i know who you are hehehehe don’t worry, i’m not telling :-)

    i hope you don’t mind if i say that your last moniker was more sensuous and mellifluous (but you’re still the same person inside, viz a story that i’m going to post soon, ‘the prince who thought he was a rooster’)

    speaking of sushi, my friend (in prague) said he’s never been to japan

    be well

  25. @duderino Hmm. Well, I might go back to my original username sometime. It’s just nice to switch things up now and then, you know?

    Haha, I guess he’ll need to visit Japan before he decides where one can obtain the best sushi, eh? I need to visit there myself one day…

  26. @rfb

    my friend from prague only claimed that he made the best sushi in prague

    there’s no doubt that he would agree that there’s much better sushi in japan

    btw, virtual sushi…what do you think ?

  27. Virtual sushi? What is that? I just ate and now this is making me hungry again. Godammit. It’s been a while since I’ve went to the sushi bar.

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