And I Hate Valentines Day Too

February 13th, 2014 by bah


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4 Responses to “And I Hate Valentines Day Too”

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  1. Moo.

    I win.

    But yes, to hell with Valentine’s Day! Named after the patron saint of broken dreams and whiskey-fuelled sobfests… Ahh…maan…why do I feel these feels..???


  2. Isn’t there at least one person who’s suicidal, but still loves Valentine’s Day? There must be, somewhere. Personally, I’m indifferent to it. If Valentine’s Day were being beaten on a street corner, I’d probably get out my camera so I could post it to youtube, then realize I should call the cops like a minute into it.

  3. I dont even recognize. Just another tough day to get through. Saturday will be just as tough.

  4. “Whiskey-fuelled sobfest”. Hehe.

    I spent Valentine’s Day last year watching comedies with some guy, who was suicidal but also quick with the jokes. That was fun. This year, no such plans. I’ll have to grab some whiskey.

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