Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone … ^_^

February 14th, 2014 by snowflake

Just because it’s Valentines Day doesn’t mean you need to celebrate with a significant other. Take the time to tell your family & loved ones how much they mean to you. Sometimes I don’t feel like I tell them enough so this is just another excuse because, let’s be honest- it’s just another day of the year so technically it’s Valentines day everyday. Most of all, remember to continue to LOVE yourself . Take care of yourself. Take care of your heart. I’m gonna take the moment to tell you guys right now that I love you guys… *big hugs*.

Maybe this year you’re lonely, but I wish you find a right girl/guy next year.

happy valentines day

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9 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone … ^_^”

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  1. I asked my cat to be my valentine’s, and he pawed at me and said, “Miaow.” Which I presume means, “But your a guy. I may be spayed, but still.”

    Erm.. but seriously… same to you :) Also, have a very merry unbirthday! :D

  2. Happy Valentine, Snowflake! I have a cat named Valentine…..too bad she wasn’t born on Valentine’s Day…that would have been cool. It’s 1 am here and I am in insomniac mode right now. I expect to wake up to her paws poking me on my face and kisses later on in the day because I will probably sleep past her and her sister’s normal feeding time.

  3. ^^^lol I read that miaow in a Prince Gary voice…hysterical!

    And yes snowflake, [Challenge Accepted]. Provided I get past all this booshit, I want to be sipping drinks with a vision of beauty as we watch the sunset over the harbour…and Super Streaker goes past on a jetski browneyeing us…omg that would be so much win…not for the chick probably, but I’d probably collapse from sheer lols.

    Oh, Happy Valentine’s!

  4. @lorax: lol

  5. @snowflake: Thanks for this post, consider all of SP to be your valentines if you don’t have one already ^_^ (the ones who are single at least, haha! don’t want to get anyone in problems)

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day (-:

  7. We could all have a huge multi-gendered polygamous relationship. :o I dunno how that’d work, but so long as I can be the guy nobody has sex with, I’m down. Cuddling is OK though. Also chocolates. I’ll bring the wine.

  8. I refuse to be a concubine!

  9. @lorax: that made me laugh, what would you do while everyone is having sex? lol (i’d probably be on a corner playing guitar or some portable game tho, lol)

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