February 13th, 2014 by bah

I hate this world.  And I hate all the shitty people in it.  I wish they’d all have a heart attack and just drop dead.  The world would be better off without them.  I wish I had some magical power like in the movies to make them suffer like they do unto others.

Yes I am spewing anger, but I have lots to be angry about.  I hate all the horrible things that go on in the world and all the assholes getting away with it.  It just seems like the bad people get rewarded and the nice people suffer at their hands.


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3 Responses to “Hate”

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  1. I know….What is the world coming to?

  2. It’s never as simple as the good suffering and the bad being happy… there’s always this grey spot on which everyone lives and some go a bit towards the white or a bit towards the black… but certainly the scales seems to help the wrong side most of the times…

  3. this. this is how i feel.

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