How did you stumble upon SP?

February 14th, 2014 by interstella_

Just curious, and I can’t seem to sleep again.

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  1. Two years ago, late at night, I searched “suicidal thoughts, depressed over life etc..” on my phone and lo and behold I found myself a lil’ slice of paradise in this hellhole of a world.

  2. Pretty much. Feeling down over the anniversary of my brother’s death.

    I saw it, read a few things and said. “OH GOODY! I can be stupidly, tenaciously encouraging and supportive.”

    So here I am. Bedtime now. Be back soon.

  3. I goggled with the intent of finding a website that promoted suicide so I could find partners and kill myself that way. Oddly enough, this was the first thing that popped up in my search engine. I still had the intent but then I started seeing SP was really serious about deleting posts that geared towards that type of thing. In the end, I started talking to people on here that were nice to me and well as you can see, I am still here.

  4. I was searching for the number for my local Pizza Hut and found a post with a guy saying his pepperoni pizza made him suicidal, and it was all downhill from there.

  5. @lorax:OMG!!! lol

  6. The kids always talked about ‘suicide,’ and I had no idea what that was. I figured it was a Japanese sex position and plugged it into Google. Imagine my disappointment when I ended up here instead of a porn site.

  7. @interstella_: Well, it was either that, or say I found it by searching for something like, “society is evil and it makes me want to kill myself” — which is close.. I actually wasn’t looking for anything specifically suicide related, but I was upset and randomly perusing what google might have to show me, and I found a post I really liked, felt inclined to sign up and post a comment, then, well, here I am still. But my memory is horrible and I really can’t recall the specifics.

  8. Two days ago I googled something along the lines of “painless ways to commit suicide” Not that I’m planning on doing such a thing.. I’ll just wait for things to get better. I’ll let this depression run its course as usual. But it’s nice finding this site to talk to like minded people :D Hopefully I’ll be happy again soon so I don’t spew more depression on this site.

  9. so i wasn’t the only one who ended up here due to a food provider! i googled “coronel’s chicken makes me depressed” and here i am (no, really, looking for methods got me here… but that was so boring to tell :( )

  10. @Jovahala: Spew all you want. :) Can’t be worse than the stuff that’s already here, not that it’s a competition – whatever’s on your mind, you should feel free to share it if you so wish, and nobody’s going to say, “Gah. have you tried, you know, thinking happy thoughts? Like, that’s the best thing to do!” I mean, mostly. Sometimes those people show up, but they get chased around like a mouse in a house full of cats.

  11. @jovahala same here hahaha

  12. I was researching methods and came across this place. I was blown away by some very intellectual, introspective posts and was all like “woah, I wanna read more and get to know these people” and ta-dah. This place has honestly changed my life so much, who would have guessed.

  13. I am interested in animals. I googled (Is dolphins beaching themselves suicide.?) And the suicide project came up.

    Scientists have long believed that only humans and some apes can recognize their own reflection The mirror self-recognition test is significant because some scientists believe it suggests self-awareness — an animal’s awareness that it is separate from the pack around it. Human children begin reacting to their reflection around 18 to 24 months. A new study finds that dolphins can, too.

  14. I was researching to determine what caused failed attempts in the different methods. I then noticed a post belligerently cramming incorrect information down someones throat on this site….so me being the what i am and having to give my 2 cents when i know i am right and someone else is wrong….. To post I had to sign up…well i created the account but miraculously there was an issue that prevented me from accessing my email for a few days. I honestly thought it had been flagged by police or something for all the research and things i was looking into. It was truly a weird thing. Anyway i forgot about the post and once my email access cleared up, and i could get the password or whatever the system was, I had already figure what i feel is a high success rate for suicide scheme and just logged in to leave a suicide note and letter of intent. I knew i was not following through right then, just setting up. I would have in the next day or so, but that was nine to ten days ago dep[ending on how you count them and i am still here….just lingering i guess…plans have not changed just been delayed while i reprocess things one last time all the way through very carefully and piss away whatever money i have left. its actually been kinda fun. well thats how i got here…..

  15. I came across this site while searching for classes on suicide prevention. I figured I should have real world experience to check what I will be taught in classes geared towards therapy. I find this site to have amazing people willing to share much information.

  16. OLIR, do you have any possible resources I can use about suicide prevention. I have actually been considering since im going back to school, to take some classes geared at helping people. I have already took pyscology and classes in that realm but nothing like counseling.

    Any experience?

  17. i guess i just googled suicide

  18. Koji, I am just starting down this road. This is an extreme opposite of the fields I am trained in. I did say to myself if I had 24 years of experience in helping people I could be good at that too. I most likely will start classes in a couple years as I become more adept at my new career. This will free up school time.

  19. Google search on suicide methods. A lot of people stumble on the site by chance. One of my posts got attacked by animal rights activists once. That was the closest I ever came to winning the word press most viewed post of the day award.

  20. I googled different suicide methods, particularly hanging I think. It may have been about the helium gas method.

  21. interstella_,

    I was researching how to kill myself , I found the helium hood was the way to go, there was a helium hood on SP, then I started reading everyone else that wanted to die!!! I became interested and even though I wanted to die, I which I feel for my own reasons is ok, I couldn’t believe the amount of young people that wanted too!, and I started trying to help them, with my wisdom seeing’s how I stuck it out so long, nobody should throw the towel in so quick!! anyways I got busy with a friend and left SP and now I’m back, I know I help a lot of people on SP, cause I stayed in contact with them till they didn’t need me anymore, which is good. now I need a new bunch of victims!!!! :)

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