When I Realized Darkness Was My Friend .

February 12th, 2014 by darks0ulss

Fairytales aren’t real … the stories you read in the books when you were little , they’re all lies to. There’s no happy ending , no prince charming and there’s no one there to save you when you need to be rescued. There’s just the darkness and its there to eat you alive , to remind you that your life sucks. It pushes you until you break down , it breaks you until you are completely broken. People say that if you fall 10 times you get back up 11 times well here’s the thing … that darkness knocks you down 12 more times. Sooner or later the darkness becomes your friend , you believe everything that it says . All the pain you feel ? yea that becomes normal. There’s no happily ever after and there’s definitely no one there to pull you out or rescue from yourself or that darkness .

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  1. There’s a book in the Tomorrow series called “Darkness, Be My Friend” that I think is the 6th book. It relates a lot to that darkness we live through in our lives. The inexplicable adversity that waits for us at each corner, and our courage to persevere even with overwhelming odds. Yes, I’ve been planted on my arse many times, and yet I still get up, dust myself off and carry on for the simple fact that my tush is firm enough and I don’t need it to get any more bruised than it is. Not saying that your tush ain’t firm or anything but you hopefully get the idea. Oh gawd…did I just talk about your tush? Cyberslap me if you want.

    But hey, if you need a hand to stave off this darkness, let me and the SP community help you out. I’ll gladly pull you up from the deep dark depths :-)

    Service with a smile.

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